The Top 5 Federal Industries for the DC/MD/VA Region

Posted by Deltek B2g on February 20, 2015

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This week’s list: The Top 5 Federal Industries for the DC/MD/VA Region. Check back next week for more from #GovList!

In the local Washington, DC metro region, industries see growth and decline at the heart of the federal government. Here is a look at the top five industries found by reviewing federally reported spending data from fiscal years 2010 through current reported spending of fiscal year 2014.

  1. Information Technology (IT): IT leads the region in federal spending by accounting for 36% of all industry spending for the past five years. The top purchaser of IT services is the Department of the Army in the region. Though, Army IT spending has declined by $2 billion since fiscal year 2010. Of the region Virginia spends the most on federal IT services, over $103 billion spent between fiscal year 2010 and 2014. DC comes in last for spending at only $33 billion for the same time period.
  2. Professional Services: Ranking second on the list is the Professional Services industry. Federal Professional Services account for over $140 billion in spending since fiscal year 2010. Virginia leads in spending at $73 billion, followed by DC at $41 billion and finally Maryland at $26 billion from fiscal year 2010 to 2014.
  3. Research & Development (R&D): R&D is our third highest spending federal industry in the region at $43 billion over five years. Despite being a top industry, spending for our third rank is a significant drop from the number two spot at $97 billion less and only takes up roughly 9% of total spending for the region for fiscal year 2010 to 2014. The Navy, Army and Air Force account for significant portions of spending for this industry at 24%, 18%, and 15% respectively.
  4. Defense & Aerospace: The Defense & Aerospace industry ranks fourth in spending for the local region. Spending of the past five years has been $38 billion. The District spends the least on Federal Defense & Aerospace averaging $195M a year, or $977M for the past five fiscal years. Virginia spends the most for a total of $26 billion from fiscal year 2010 to 2014.
  5. Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC): AEC spending rounds out our list at $26 billion for the past five full fiscal years. Virginia has spent $11 billion since fiscal year 2010 on AEC. However, spending has been declining each year for a total difference of $1.4 billion from fiscal year 2010 to 2014. The Army and Navy make up the predominant spending space for federal AEC in the region, each account for 27% of total spending. Both departments have seen similar declines over the past five years; Army by $865 million, and Navy by $532 million.

By Ashley Bergander,
Research Manager at Deltek