Streamline the Accounts Receivable Process in Deltek Ajera with Deltek Payments

September 01, 2023
Ellen Keeley
Product Director
Streamline the AR Process in Deltek Ajera with Deltek Payments

As a small project-based business, you know how important it is to keep a sharp eye on cash flow to stay operable and profitable. As a Deltek Ajera user, you also know how a project management and project-based accounting software system helps you connect and automate the project lifecycle that fuels that cash flow.

Getting clients to compensate you quickly so that you can pay your subconsultants, partners and employees promptly is a delicate balance that your accounting team spends much time trying to achieve. Now you can improve your cash flow and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by leveraging Deltek Payments to streamline your accounts receivable (AR) process, allowing your business to accept digital payments for client invoices produced in Ajera.

By enabling digital payments, you can provide your clients a secure way to pay you quickly, conveniently and electronically with no waste or security issues associated with paper checks.

How Deltek Payments AR Automation for Ajera Works

This integration between Deltek Ajera and i3 Merchant Solutions’ Bill & Pay software allows businesses to include a “Pay Now” URL link in client invoices emailed from Ajera. This link provides your clients with access to an online portal to pay their outstanding invoices through ACH or credit/debit cards with reasonable rates for transactions. Once payments are made, Ajera imports payment information and automatically applies the payment to the appropriate invoice and your company’s general ledger, saving your teams a tremendous amount of administrative time.

As a Deltek-built integration, this easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use integration will work for U.S. customers running single or multiple companies out of their instance of Ajera. i3 Merchant Solutions, Deltek Marketplace partner, has extensive experience with B2B payments and offers competitive pricing.


CTA: Streamline Your AR Process

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3 Benefits of Deltek Payments AR Automation for Ajera

#1 Get Paid Faster and Improve Cash Flow

Deltek Ajera users can now accept digital payments (ACH or e-check, credit or debit) through a configurable payment portal. By accepting digital payments, you gain real-time visibility into your cash flow while providing your clients with an easy and fast way to make payments and reducing the time between invoicing and payment, otherwise known as DSO.

#2: Support a Single Source of Truth

Deltek Payments seamlessly integrates with Ajera to streamline your AR process and provide increased visibility into all inbound payments. Templates for email invoices created in Ajera can now include a Pay Now URL, quickly directing clients to an online portal to pay their invoices. The steps to finalize client invoices remain unchanged, making it easy to introduce Bill & Pay to this process. Once payments are made, Ajera imports payment details from Bill & Pay and automatically applies them to the appropriate invoice and your company's general ledger.

#3: Provide a Modern Experience for Your Clients

Provide your clients with a modern buying experience with online access to their PDF invoices, past payment history, the ability to store forms of payment and more within a branded payment portal.

Bill and Pay Portal Allow your clients an easier way to pay their invoices with Deltek Payments

Deltek Payments AR Automation for Ajera is a modern and seamless experience for automating the accounts receivable process and supporting improved cash flow.

To learn more about Deltek Payments and to discover if it is a good fit for your business, contact us here.


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