Deltek Ajera Delivers an Automated AR Process, Better Decision Making and Usability Enhancements in the Latest Release

July 14, 2023
Linda Dininger
Linda Dininger
Product Marketing Manager
What’s New in the Deltek Ajera 9.9 Release

As professional services firms are constantly looking for better ways to deliver projects, Deltek is always looking for better ways to support your business processes and project lifecycle. The new features and enhancements in Deltek Ajera deliver on leveraging automation to improve productivity and making it easier for users to digest data and perform everyday tasks.

Learn what’s new in the Ajera 9.9 release and how your teams can further streamline cash flow, make better decisions with multi-dimensional data and empower the everyday user with user-requested enhancements.

Streamline the Account Receivables (AR) Process with Deltek Payments

Your project-based business relies on maintaining cash flow to stay operable and profitable. The latest release helps your teams streamline cash flow and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by accepting digital payments for client invoices produced in Ajera. This is possible by leveraging a new integration with Deltek Payments to automate your AR process so you can get paid faster.

Through Deltek Payments AR Automation partner, i3 Merchants, businesses can now include a “pay now” URL link in client invoices emailed from Ajera. This link provides your clients access to a web portal to pay their outstanding balance through ACH payments or credit/debit cards, all with reasonable rates for transactions. Once payments are made, Ajera imports payment information and automatically applies the payment to the appropriate invoice, saving your teams a tremendous amount of administrative time.


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Identify Outliers with a Multi-Dimensional View into Project Data

Managing all aspects of your business can be difficult without insight into the right data points. The latest Ajera release introduces a new bubble chart type, which allows for three-dimensional data to be displayed. Instead of a standard graph mapping two-dimensional data using the X and Y axes, bubble charts provide another layer of critical data so that you can quickly identify any outliers.

For example, you can analyze the labor contract against labor spent per project type. The bubble chart can help identify which project types have a larger potential profit, demonstrated by the sizes of the bubbles. Any outliers in potential profit can help pinpoint areas that may require further analysis.

Make Everyday Use Even Easier

Customer feedback is one of the many things we incorporate into our product releases, including this Ajera release, where several of the usability enhancements came directly from users through the Deltek Idea Portal. This portal allows users to submit ideas to improve Ajera, as well as vote on other submitted ideas. This feedback goes directly to the Ajera product management team and provides insight into the features and enhancements that would impact our users the most.

Here are a few of the Ajera 9.9 enhancements for your everyday user.

  • Easily identify if a client invoice has been emailed, by whom and when from a widget with new columns on the Client Invoice Base
  • Identify how a client prefers an invoice to be delivered, viewable in client invoices
  • Adjust actual start and actual completion dates directly from the manage project task widget on a dashboard
  • Expand and collapse the work breakdown structure (WBS) from the manage project task widget on a dashboard
  • Sort expense reports in the browser
  • View additional columns in timesheets
  • And more!

Learn More and Start Using these Enhancements Today!

If you haven’t already, make plans to implement the latest enhancements so you can save valuable time and make better decisions. Be sure to check out the latest Deltek Ajera release notes for more details on these enhancements. You can also join us for Deltek ProjectCon in Orlando, where you can get an in-depth view of this release along with best practices from the experts and your peers. We also encourage you to stay connected through the Deltek Ajera blog posts and the Deltek Ajera Quarterly Town Hall to ensure you are getting the most from your Ajera investment.


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