Pairing Analysts & AI for Government Business Development

May 22, 2024
Logan Ferro
Logan Ferro
Product Marketing Manager
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Gen AI is a powerful technology that can enhance the capabilities of data analysis and decision-making. However, it is not a magic solution that can replace the value of human expertise, unique data, and historical information. GovWin IQ pairs unmatched coverage and the validated, first-hand insights from government decision-makers we're known for with the latest in AI innovation that makes automating business development tasks more actionable, accessible, and maintaining the accuracy our customers expect. The foundation for this unique value backs into our core differentiation as a provider to business development teams in the public sector, including: 

  • Validated, first-hand insights gathered by the industry’s largest research team of analysts
  • Robust historical information, including RFPs and SOWs from years ago
  • Experienced, knowledgeable analysts and support staff

This blog will unpack how GovWin IQ uniquely brings the expertise of seasoned experts with the time-saving efficiencies of AI to support public sector growth.

Validated, First-Hand Insights Sourced by GovWin Analysts

The GovWin IQ platform is built and backed by the industry’s largest team of market analysts. With over 150 in-house market experts, we can collect, analyze, and forecast spending and ultimately, future business development opportunities. This in turn allows our customers to develop a proactive sales strategy, rather than the reactive strategy we know is the status quo. This data, encompassing U.S. and Canadian government opportunities, contract awards, spending trends, market forecasts, and more, forms a comprehensive repository of information. These insights afford GovWin IQ customers a competitive edge, by enabling clients to find and plan for opportunities from a single source early in the acquisition cycle. 

Further enhancing its validated, first-hand insights are AI and purpose-built innovation, which provides GovWin IQ with Smart Summaries, Smart Fit Scores, and Smart Tag recommendations. These features, powered by machine learning and natural language processing, generate insightful summaries, match companies to opportunities, identify potential competitors or teaming partners, and suggest actions based on the insight details. This fusion of human expertise and AI capabilities underscores the unique value that GovWin IQ brings to business development teams in the public sector by supporting users in using time-saving tools like these during their business development workflow.

In contrast, an AI-powered startup might lack the breadth and depth of GovWin’s data, given the human expertise required to gather, analyze, and input market insights into a comparable solution. Simply applying AI to a less robust database wouldn’t yield outputs comparable to those GovWin IQ can supply. Even if AI could assist with data ingestion, developing a comparable interconnected platform that allows for drilling down into the data from various entry points would require significant investment, time, and in-house expertise.

Robust Government Document Database, Backed by AI

GovWin IQ has access to a robust collection of historical information – over 15 million unique documents -- including RFPs and SOWs from years past. This information provides a deep understanding of recompeted procurements, as well as the scope of work, requirements and evaluation criteria for prior contracts. When leveraged in market analysis and projection exercises, this historical data can offer detailed spending trends and forecasts for future work.

Obtaining this information is no small feat. It requires years of document scraping across thousands of websites, outreach to government agencies, or submitting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. GovWin analysts perform document requests on behalf of our users and our platform regularly to ensure we’re providing timely, up-to-date insights and supporting our users by taking tedious document retrieval tasks off their plates. Enhancing GovWin IQ’s historical information with AI, enables users to search for relevant documents, analyze their contents with Ask IQ, and receive alerts when new or updated documents become available. 

Attempting to match the breadth of GovWin IQ's document library would be an incredibly time-consuming, expensive endeavor and without the ability to interrogate documents directly in the platform, users are tasked with adding steps to their workflows rather than streamlining them. GovWin IQ provides ready access to historical RFPs and scope of work (SOW) dating back decades, offering insights into upcoming procurements so users can spend more time on the revenue-generating activities only their staff can deliver on.


“GovWin is yet another asset to our contract pipeline, telling us which contracts, in what areas, meet our qualifications that we should bid on. We cannot live without GovWin.”

– Roy Joun, Chief Financial Officer at UIC Government Services


Dedicated Research & Platform Support

While AI has the potential to augment data and provide significant value, it does not replace the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable analyst. This is evident in the importance of prompt writing in leveraging AI to its greatest potential. Prompt engineering, in combination with data accuracy, is critical for achieving the best and most accurate results. Relying on real, validated data rather than a model that could potentially hallucinate incorrect information is crucial when making go-to-market decisions that will impact business success.

Each of GovWin IQ’s Smart features are all backed by analyst-driven expertise:

  • Smart Summaries use prompts that have been fine-tuned to deliver consistent results mapped to the most popular qualifiers when researching government agencies. 
  • Smart Tags rely on intuitive term mapping that only comes from years of expertise in the public sector to bridge language gaps between vendors and agencies. 
  • Smart Fit Scores pull from contract awards and analyze details against five core qualification areas to help users quickly identify leads, teaming partners or competitors.

GovWin IQ boasts a team of experienced analysts and support staff who provide in-depth research, customized reports, and personalized guidance to clients. These analysts help users maximize their investment by sharing domain expertise in various government market sectors, such as defense, health care, education, transportation, etc. GovWin offers the element of subject matter expertise as a solution that’s automated when you want it and hands-on when you need it.

Gen AI aids GovWin IQ in supporting its analysts, support staff, and clients by providing tools, workflows and collaboration that enable the provision of unique data and insights to customers. These features use machine learning and natural language processing to assist analysts in collecting, organizing, and sharing data and automating some of the tasks they perform. These same capabilities are also applied in our product for our customers to enhance their effectiveness. This pairing of AI automation and analyst expertise offers unique value to business development teams in the public sector.

Key Takeaways for Government Business Development

GovWin IQ is a leader in implementing Gen AI to improve its analysis, help with task completion for customers, and add value to the unique data it has in GovWin IQ. We view Gen AI as a strategic way for us to extend our competitive differentiation and the value we bring to our customers. We are confident that our combination of human expertise, unique data, historical information, and Gen AI will enable us to maintain our edge in the market and deliver superior results to our clients.


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