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Posted by Krissie Harrigan on September 19, 2019

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As agencies and internal teams are being tasked with delivering a larger variety of content, more stakeholders are being brought into the process to review and approve creative assets – including clients, creative directors, marketing executives, copy editors, optimization experts, legal and more. And considering how costly delays and unexpected rework can be, its important that the review team - no matter how large - is able to provide clear, actionable feedback on time. With intuitive markup tools, email reminders and a Reviews dashboard, ConceptShare makes it easy for even the most difficult reviewers to participate in the review cycle.

These four common types of reviewers are most often responsible for creating delays in the approval cycle.  Here’s how ConceptShare works for them:

1. The Client

  • An external reviewer
  • Needs quick and easy access
  • Feedback often requires follow up for clarification
  • Doesn't want another username and password to remember, but wants to be able to provide feedback quickly and easily so that on time delivery isn’t affected.

How ConceptShare helps:

ConceptShare makes it easy for clients and external reviewers to provide clear and actionable feedback, eliminating misunderstandings over what they mean when they say "move the logo over to the left a bit." Clients and external reviewers can be added to ConceptShare reviews without requiring a login while maintaining the security and content access control you need.

2. The Multi-tasker

  • Juggling multiple things on-the-go
  • Is difficult to schedule meeting or phone time
  • Needs to give feedback on many projects with different deadlines
  • Requests often get lost in their inbox or in a pile amongst the myriad of other work they’re focused on. And they didn’t even see the email chain with the most recent version come through.

How ConceptShare helps:

With ConceptShare, they can easily access all the necessary projects and assets that require their approval or feedback. ConceptShare makes it simple for them to see exactly which reviews they are a part of, with due dates and email reminders to keep them on track. And with strict version control, you can be confident the multi-tasker is always reviewing the most recent version.

3. The Earnest Emailer

  • “Replies All” with every piece of feedback
  • Sends many emails to provide feedback on a single asset
  • Fragmented feedback creates unnecessary revisions
  • Wants to make sure they’ve thoroughly reviewed content, that all stakeholders have visibility to their feedback and that everyone is on the same page.

How ConceptShare helps:

ConceptShare centralizes all feedback into one place, meaning Creatives don’t have to track down hundreds of separate emails to try and piece together a complete vision of the changes they need to make. And all reviewers and stakeholders get visibility into the rest of the review team’s feedback, which keeps everyone on the same page.

4. The MIA Reviewer

  • Responds to emails late or not at all
  • Not the primary reviewer, but their approval is still required
  • Often needs to be chased down to give feedback or get approvals
  • Usually a team member that is often on-the-go and not at their desk or unsure of when in the process their feedback and approval is required.

How ConceptShare helps:

Email reminders and dashboard alerts keep the workflow running smoothly. Project Managers can quickly see which reviewers haven’t left their feedback yet and send additional reminders as needed. Reviewers can easily see what requires their feedback and by when, eliminating time-wasting confusion.

At the end of the day, most of these personas are seen as difficult just because we’re all simply very, very busy. But by integrating a more efficient review and approval process into your project management workflow, you can satisfy all of your reviewers' needs, deliver more content faster and reduce your overall creative production costs.


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