What’s New in Deltek ConceptShare?

October 17, 2022
Regan Riddoch
Director of Product Marketing

Project Coordinators and Traffic Managers at busy agencies could be juggling hundreds of deliverables in the review and approval (R&A) process at one time. But with integrated online proofing via Deltek ConceptShare, they can streamline and accelerate the R&A process to deliver more content faster.

The latest release of ConceptShare version 6.33 is focused on making it easier for these users to manage a large volume of projects with the new project archival feature.

Project Archival

The new archival feature enables users to archive a project within the Project View to hide it from the list and prevent further editing or modifications. The current Archive option is being renamed Export.

For Project Coordinators, Traffic Managers and other users that could be managing hundreds of projects and reviews, the ability to archive completed projects makes the Project View less cluttered so that it is easier to manage projects in process.

In the Project View, there will be a new archive icon that looks like a briefcase. Once you’ve updated the Account Roles permissions within Deltek ConceptShare to enable this feature, users can select a project, and right-click to select the “Archive” option in the drop down. Based on the permissions you enable, users would be able to archive any project or just their own.

  conceptshare projects list archive

When a project is archived, you can no longer modify it or any of its elements (Assets, Reviews, To-Dos, etc.)

  conceptshare archive notification

You would need to “Unarchive” a project to restore the ability to work with it. Items that have been archived will be hidden from Smart Folders and Global Search.

  conceptshare unarchive

Once a project has been archived, you can enable an option to "Show archived projects" in the filter of the Project View. If this is enabled, you'll see a new column with the Archive icon (briefcase) that illustrates which projects have been archived.

conceptshare filter show archived



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