What’s New in Deltek ConceptShare?

August 17, 2022
Regan Riddoch
Director of Product Marketing

With enhancements that streamline the asset upload process and protect them with watermarks, Deltek ConceptShare version 6.32 is focused on agencies concerned with efficiency and intellectual property security.

Enhanced Asset Upload Experience

Agencies and in-house creative teams review a variety of assets, with varying asset sizes. That’s why we have added the ability to see the progress of an asset in the process of uploading, no matter the size of the asset.

From the Add Asset dialogue box, you will see an estimated upload time displayed on the bottom left-hand corner.

  Deltek ConceptShare
Get an ETA of the asset’s upload progress from the Add Asset dialogue box

We have also added an Upload Progress Widget to provide a percentage complete update of when the asset will be available to review. A blue Upload Progress widget that indicates the upload is in progress will also be displayed to the left of the User Settings menu. The widget color changes to green and indicates “Done” when the upload is finished. If a processing error occurred, the widget color changes to red and indicates “Problem.”

The new Upload Progress widget turns green and indicates “Done” when the upload is complete.

You can access the Upload Manager by clicking on the new Upload Progress Widget to the left of the User Settings menu. In addition, you can now cancel an asset upload within the Upload Manager.

Watermarking Assets

Considering how many stakeholders can be a part of a single review, it is important to protect intellectual property by applying a watermark that would prevent unauthorized usage before the asset is finalized and released for use.

That’s why we are introducing the ability to watermark all supported asset types (with the exception of audio and web content) at the settings level within Deltek ConceptShare. A watermark is a dynamic, partially customizable text applied as an overlay on an uploaded asset. It helps ensure that assets are not easily shared, copied, downloaded, altered, or used without permission.

  Deltek ConceptShare
Add a watermark by applying customizable text as an overlay on an uploaded asset.

You have the option to set a default watermark message or customize the watermark text. If no value is specified, the default value--the user ID of the person who views the asset and the view date--will be used

This will be an optional setting for those customers that are not in need of watermarking every asset. When this setting is enabled, the option to apply a watermark on an asset during asset upload becomes available in the Add Asset dialog and Review Builder.

  Deltek ConceptShare
Check the box to apply a watermark on an asset in the Add Asset dialog (as seen in the screenshot in the previous section) and Review Builder as seen above.

Aside from the watermark overlay on the asset, an icon overlay is also applied on the asset's previews and thumbnails, which are also blurred, wherever they are displayed, to indicate watermark protection.

  Deltek ConceptShare
Previews and thumbnails throughout ConceptShare will show an icon overlay to indicate which assets have been watermarked.

It is important to remember that when enabled, a watermark cannot be applied on previously uploaded assets and watermarked assets are non-downloadable.


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