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Posted by Catherine Chelena on August 10, 2021

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Security for your data is more important than ever, but how can you be more secure while still allowing users to easily navigate Deltek + ComputerEase (D+CE)? In part one of this webinar recap, D+CE Director of Training and Implementation Maribel Scarnecchia walks us through how to avoid employees running into password and functionality issues. She concentrates on the core module and add-on issues that users tend to experience through either creating a new company or configuring users.

Product leadership has been discussing the possibility of future enhancements within the Deltek + ComputerEase roadmap to add the ability to track what employees post to which module. In the meantime, these tips for which allowances affect what in D+CE provides both better productivity and user experience. By using these tips for password maintenance, you will be able to control and give permissions to your users to provide more checks and balances within your software as well as simplify what your users can view to enhance their individual experience.

Creating a New Company

D+CE has more security measures in place now when creating a new company in the software. We understand your need for more checks and balances in place to ensure those who are being added to your new software need the correct allowances while maintaining a secure platform. Because of this, you’ll see a mandatory password security requirement.

To better protect your data, you’ll now see additional security for logging in.  If a user tries to bypass the login credentials, the user will see the following error.

Login screenshot

Now, new company users will need to include a preassigned password as the User ID to log on. Once logged in with the assigned password, it will immediately prompt the user to create a Master Password for future logins. Once complete, you will be prompted to create new users. You will need to create at least one new User ID to continue to log into the system. These securities are put in place at the start of your software usage to better serve your data security.

Password maintenance screenshot

Password Maintenance and User Allowances

Once logged in, you’ll have the ability to add and edit users as needed. To edit a user’s password or permissions, simply select their User ID from your ID Names list and a new screen will appear. From here, you’ll have access to setting which type of authentication for their passwords they can use, as well as which D+CE modules or add-ons they have access to. The password can be up to 30 alphanumerical characters. Once set, you can allow Windows authentication in conjunction with the password, or just one.

Special Settings

Once the password is set, you can review each user’s special settings below the Authentication section, and you’ll note the first two at the top of the list are these GL Access code and the Job Access Code. If this is your first company created in D+CE, they will have an asterisk, meaning that user has access to most; if there is no asterisk, there is no access. If you are trying to use a pre-existing User ID and password from another company you have within the software and need this access, simply select each that you need access to, and select the Change option to the right on the screen. Once selected, you’ll need to add them in and use the ‘wildcard’ access code, simply meaning adding an asterisk in the field.

User settings screenshot

Additionally, you can change user allowances through your Accounts. To do this, navigate to your Accounts viewing page and select whichever Account you want a specific user to have access to. You can add an Access Code of your choosing and then copy and paste that same code to your User’s Settings page. This occurs as additional layers of security in the system in the event that users may require different levels of allowance in different companies within D+CE.

Account settings screenshot

Although this webinar goes into more detail of additional settings to review, it’s critical you review each item for every user. For a full overview of these steps, and further breakdown of password maintenance and user functionality, check out the webinar On Demand. If you have additional questions, be sure to sign up for any of our weekly Meet the Expert sessions held by one of our senior consultants. Hosted twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm ET, you can submit your general support questions to have immediate assistance. Log on to your Customer Corner account and navigate to Upcoming Training Sessions and select the Meet the Expert Sessions (Live Q&A) under Recurring Training Sessions to register.


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