Frontier Electronic Systems Propels Innovation with Deltek Solutions

June 07, 2024
Frontier Electronic Systems

Frontier Electronic Systems (FES) is a beacon of innovation in military and space product design. Committed to excellence and precision, FES has carved out a niche by delivering high-quality electronic solutions for complex government and commercial applications.

For more than four decades, Frontier Electronic Systems has focused on serving the needs of the government contracting industry. As a proud graduate of the Small Business Administration's (SBA) 8(a) program, FES has demonstrated its commitment to excellence and garnered numerous accolades for its outstanding performance in contracting. In 2021, Frontier was honored with the prestigious Supplier of the Year award from NASA's Kennedy and Marshall Spaceflight Centers, underscoring its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation in the aerospace and defense sectors.

FES is not just another company; it's a testament to perseverance and ingenuity. As a Native American, woman-owned small business based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, FES represents diversity and inclusivity in the aerospace and defense industry. With a dedicated workforce of approximately 150 engineers, technicians, assemblers and support personnel, FES is a powerhouse of talent and expertise. The company specializes in providing products for high-reliability sea, land, air and space applications, showcasing its versatility and adaptability in meeting diverse client needs.

From Challenge to Triumph: Embracing Digital Transformation

Every success story has its fair share of challenges, and FES is no exception. In the early 2000s, they attempted to use a competitor's system to manage their projects but could not complete the complex ERP implementation. Consequently, they turned to Deltek Costpoint, setting the stage for their journey toward digital transformation. They found that Costpoint was best suited to the exacting needs of the aerospace and defense industry.

As their company thrived, they needed to supplement their manufacturing solution and replace the disparate databases and paper-based records used in their quality management efforts. FES adopted the Deltek TIPQA quality management solution in 2010 to automate nonconformance, corrective action, in-process inspection, receiving inspection, supplier quality and document control. They embraced the full traceability functionality of TIPQA to track revisions throughout the manufacturing product lifecycle and leverage Deltek's full solution integration capabilities.

Today, FES uses more than 60 Deltek product modules to enhance productivity and streamline processes throughout the entire project lifecycle. These modules support a broad spectrum of business processes, including accounting, reports and analytics, contracts, materials, projects, human capital management (HCM), budgeting and planning, administration and time and expense. A key feature of these modules is their adaptability, which allows for easy customization to meet the needs of specialized applications.

The adaptability of both Costpoint and TIPQA empowers FES to tailor its solutions to meet the needs of its unique applications, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration with existing workflows.


“Both Costpoint and TIPQA are very configurable, which has allowed us to continuously implement different features to address new issues as they arise.”

– Tim Bowman, Director of Finance and Administration at Frontier Electronic Systems


Harnessing Deltek for Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

For a small business such as FES, managing resources effectively is not just a strategy but a necessity for success. The adoption of Deltek solutions has proved to be a game-changer. FES can now manage project-based operations that require specific standards for aerospace and defense with tools like Costpoint and TIPQA with unprecedented certainty. The tangible benefits of using Deltek solutions are evident in the measurable improvements in operational efficiency and data reliability.

FES has over a million transactions in its inventory transaction tables and is confident in the responsiveness and reliability of data used for reporting purposes. This increased level of transparency and accessibility ensures historical transactions are readily available with a complete transaction history, including serial numbers and lot/date codes.

Even in the face of challenging circumstances such as the pandemic, they used their Deltek solutions to adeptly navigate personnel leave issues without requiring software fixes, ensuring smooth operations even amidst disruptions.

"Deltek is at the heart of our operations," said Tim Bowman, Director of Finance and Administration at Frontier Electronic Systems. "Government contracting strongly emphasizes project management, and Deltek allows us to handle the unique requirements of government contracting, such as the ability to track and report earned value requirements."

TIPQA has helped FES simplify its warranty and conditionally accepted material tracking processes. They can now track the warranty period of an item issued to a sales order, and tracking conditionally accepted materials helps them avoid resource wastage or misapplication.

FES also prioritizes top-notch quality, reliability and compliance in its supply chain. The robust integration of TIPQA and Costpoint creates its Approved Supplier List, which properly vets its suppliers to reduce the risk of product defects or recalls. Supply chain integrity is further ensured with comprehensive supplier documentation, supplier approvals and supplier ratings.

These improvements are not just about streamlining business operations. They directly impact the bottom line, enhance cost efficiencies and boost customer satisfaction. By reducing waste and ensuring resources are used effectively, FES can maintain a competitive edge in the market. This is a testament to the importance of Deltek's purpose-built solutions in driving efficiency and cost savings for small businesses.

Bridging New Frontiers with Enhanced Visibility

As FES charts its future course, it has set ambitious goals that involve retaining Deltek as its preferred partner for product design, development and manufacturing. Deltek's solutions will continue to play a pivotal role in that journey.

FES is keen on significantly enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of its inventory management and manufacturing processes. One critical strategy involves leveraging the improved workflow approval processes within Costpoint. This will facilitate the effortless creation of inventory transfer requests, ensuring a more streamlined process. In addition, FES is planning a significant shift in its manufacturing operations. They aim to transition from a paper-based manufacturing picklist process to a digital format using Costpoint. This strategic move is expected to boost efficiency and minimize errors, optimizing manufacturing operations.

To round out its digital transformation efforts, FES is also exploring the GovCon Cloud Moderate (GCCM). This comprehensive approach underscores FES' commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in its operational processes.

Illuminating the Path to Proactive Solution Management

Drawing from their experiences, FES offers valuable insights and recommendations for companies considering Deltek solutions.

FES finds that most issues can be resolved through the user-friendly interface, reducing the need for Deltek's involvement. However, the Deltek support team has been prompt and professional when required. Their transition to TIPQA from various home-grown databases and paper records was a significant upgrade.

They also learned the importance of keeping up with Deltek's regular maintenance releases and updates, which has significantly reduced internal process errors and issues. FES highly recommends this proactive approach to all fellow customers for a smoother and more efficient experience.

FES' journey stands as a testament to Deltek's reliable and user-centric solutions.


“We are proud to partner with Deltek in our quest for manufacturing excellence. Their solutions have transformed our operations and empowered us to exceed customer expectations.”

– Tim Bowman, Director of Finance and Administration, Frontier Electronic Systems


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Frontier Electronic Systems excels in the end-to-end design and manufacture of innovative, cost-effective electronic systems and equipment for aerospace, maritime and other commercial customers worldwide. Our mission is to be a supplier of choice for our customers' mission-critical products, systems and services. We maintain an exemplary corporate image through quality leadership, unquestionable integrity, and dedicated teams with bold work ethics and strong community support.


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