Employee Data is Front and Center with Deltek Vantagepoint Dashboards

September 07, 2023
Ellen Keeley
Product Director
Employee Data is Front and Center with Vantagepoint Dashboards

The latest Deltek Vantagepoint release makes it easier to deliver the right data on dashboards to the right role in your business, including employee details. The dashboards now have more employee hub information including user-defined fields. Administrators and human resources (HR) leaders can be confident that employees see only the data available to their specific roles with new field-level security on employee information on the dashboards. And finally with the new memo type dashpart, important company information that is outside of Vantagepoint can be shared including messages, links and images. Let’s take a look!

Gain Better Visibility into Employee Data

Employees, HR leaders and administrators will benefit from the expanded fields available on the dashboards from the employee hub. Deltek Vantagepoint dashboards can now include critical data like hire date, termination date and raise date. Additionally, dashboards can show employee user-defined fields from the employee hub, making it easier to put the right information front and center. Better access to data on the employee base expands the possibilities of what firms can monitor directly from dashboards.

Monitor employee data directly from Deltek Vantagepoint dashboards Monitor employee data directly from Deltek Vantagepoint dashboards

Maintain Security of Sensitive Data

With the expansion of employee data comes field-level security to empower firms to share more data through the dashboards but ensure that users only have access to the data they need in their role. This means businesses can be confident when sharing employee data dashparts on a dashboard. Security can be set up to the employee base—the data that feeds the dashboard—and to individual columns on the base. This allows you to share data such as utilization directly with all employees but restrict HR-sensitive information to the appropriate employee roles.


“I'm excited about the additional features being added to the dashboards; they have so much potential to become the primary means of communicating key information to our team. Making more data available in these dashboards – and making them more flexible and interactive – are critical improvements.”

– Sarah Cardozo, Operations Manager, Thriven Design


Share Non-Vantagepoint Information on Dashboards

HR or company leaders may want to share non-Vantagepoint information on dashboards such as timesheet reminders, holiday messages and links to internal documents. With the new memo type dashpart, you can now share messages, images and HTML links. This makes it easy to convey quick business reminders along with links to internal sites directly within a Vantagepoint Dashboard.

Share reminders and important links to all employees Share reminders and important links to all employees

With every release, Vantagepoint builds on the power of the dashboards and this release is no exception. Empower your users with the right data that is easily accessible and now includes critical employee data so they can power project success.


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