Improving the Everyday Experience with Vantagepoint 6.0

July 20, 2023
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson
Product Director
Improving the Everyday Experience with Vantagepoint 6.0

With the release of Deltek Vantagepoint 6.0, we are introducing several usability features that will enrich the user experience. Listed below are the new features along with the benefit of each, which have been grouped based on user needs: 1) enhancements the everyday user can take advantage of today and 2) improvements that system administrators can leverage to improve the experience for users. I’ve also prepared a demonstration of each feature so that you can see how it will improve your everyday experience.

Usability Enhancements for Deltek Vantagepoint 6.0 in Action

The Everyday User

In the latest release, there are several usability improvements that all users can take advantage of to make their experience with Vantagepoint easier and more intuitive. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Show Caps Lock Warning When Logging In – this new cap lock warning will be shown when the password field detects caps lock is on; thus decreasing occurrences where you enter the wrong password and potentially get locked out of Vantagepoint.
  • Remember Last View when Opening a Hub – we’ve heard from many users over the years that expect their hubs to open in List View so now there is a new user preference that provides a flexible choice for each user to open applications in their preferred view – detail view, list view or last view used.
  • Concurrent Editing Notifications with real-time concurrent editing notifications, you can see when other users are in the same record and be alerted when others are editing or have saved changes to a record you are viewing.
  • Initiating a Microsoft Teams Chat – if your firm has Microsoft Teams, users can now easily collaborate with each other about the Vantagepoint records they are viewing and editing by simply hovering over the name of a user in the same record and clicking on the Teams chat icon.

“These enhancements will have a positive impact on the usability of Vantagepoint. I especially like being able to add more columns in the screen designer, as well as the navigation enhancements.”

– Terry Sanderford, Fluhrer Reed PA, Early Adopter Participant


The System Administrator

There are also several enhancements that the administrators can enable to improve usability for all users. Here are a few highlights:

  • Support 3+ Columns in Screen Designer – you can now increase the number of columns in the screen designer tabs up to five columns and you have maximum flexibility so that each tab can have its own set number of columns.
  • Lock Support for Hub Image – the screen designer now supports the ability to lock the image field within the hubs by role, which can be useful if firms want to ensure that the employee images adhere to professional image policies.
  • Session Timeout Warning – the Vantagepoint session timeout feature has been enhanced to warn users before being logged out due to inactivity. The user will be brought to the login screen when logged out in order to protect sensitive data that may have been previously visible on the screen.
  • Transfer Settings Utility – the primary driver for this utility has been to streamline the Vision to Vantagepoint upgrade process, but this utility is equally useful for administrators that want to make robust changes to key settings in a sandbox and then transfer them to production. Please contact Deltek Support Services for the utility password.


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