Vantagepoint Delivers Better Usability, Accessibility and Collaboration in Latest Release

May 09, 2023
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing

As professional services firms are constantly looking for better ways to deliver projects, Deltek is always looking for better ways to support your business processes and project delivery. With new features and enhancements in Deltek Vantagepoint, managing projects is easier and improves usability so you have more timely and accurate data across the business. In the latest release, project managers will experience more accurate project plans, teams can better collaborate with a new integration to Microsoft Teams and all users will benefit from myriad enhancements that help the everyday user be more efficient, effective and informed.

Learn what’s new in Vantagepoint 6.0 and how your teams can save valuable time, improve data accuracy and make key information more readily available.

Better Visibility into Key Employee Data for HR Managers

Having the right information available to the right roles within your business is critical. In the latest release of Vantagepoint, dashboards leverage user defined fields from the employee hub, which opens possibilities for what firms can monitor from their dashboard. And, companies can now set field level security within the employee hub, which gives administrators and HR leaders confidence that they can open up access to more of the new fields available, but do it in a controlled and methodical way. Companies can make sure the right dashparts and data within the dashparts are only displayed for the people who have access to the information within the employee hub.

Plan for More Accurate Projects with Unit Planning

Give your project managers greater confidence in their total project costs and schedules with unit planning. While project managers can plan in hours, most projects also have a need for costs that are not hourly. Now, project managers can plan in quantities in addition to labor, consultants and expenses for a better overall view of their projects. This allows PMs to plan for things like survey crews, tests, equipment, inspections and much more. PMs can plan labor or expense quantities across calendar periods with unit planning. Note that to take advantage of this, the firm must own the resource planning module.


“I am beyond excited to see unit planning available in resource planning. It will be a game changer for our project managers!”

– Gina Worral, Westland Resources, Inc., Early Adopter Participant


Improve Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Integration

Make it easier for teams to start a Microsoft Teams chat from within Vantagepoint to collaborate on records or expedite workflow. Project teams can quickly connect on project questions where the team is already working and collaborating, saving users the extra step and making it easier to get the clarification they need.

Allow Separate Project Numbers for In-Pursuit and Billable Projects

Deltek Vantagepoint supports the needs of companies of all sizes and complexities and delivers the flexibility to align to your business processes. For some firms, having separate project numbers for in-pursuit projects or opportunities and awarded or billable projects is critical to support how they manage their pipeline and deliver projects.

With the latest release, companies now have more flexibility in their workflow to support their business need. If firms want to use separate numbers for pre-award and awarded projects, the in-pursuit project or opportunity number can be changed when approved for use in processing. The pre-award numbering can be used with or without auto-numbering for projects.


“I'm so happy to see this feature. It not only streamlines the project numbering process for awarded projects, but it also keeps track of both the active project number and the pre-award project number. I can't wait for this feature to be live!”

– Terry Sanderford, Fluhrer Reed PA, Early Adopter Participant


Empower Admins to Create a Better User Experience

With Vantagepoint 6.0, administrators have more flexibility to create a better experience for the end users. One example is the enhanced security for employee dashparts, giving administrators more control over the data available to protect sensitive employee information, while making more relevant data available to the users that need it.

Administrators also have more flexibility in the screen designer, allowing for up to five columns per screen. And, not all screens have to be the same so the administrator can ensure the right information is displayed in the best way for everyday users.


“These enhancements will have a positive impact on the usability of Vantagepoint. I especially like being able to add more columns in the screen designer, as well as the navigation enhancements.”

– Terry Sanderford, Fluhrer Reed PA, Early Adopter Participant


Make Everyday Use Even Easier

Make it easier for everyday users to manage their day with several new features and enhancements. Improving usability will increase engagement from your everyday users, making it easier for them to access and update key information in a timely manner.

In this release, several of the usability enhancements came directly from the Deltek Ideas Portal from users like you sharing ideas and voting for other user ideas. This feedback goes directly to the Vantagepoint product management team for review and several of those ideas are already being implemented in this release, so thank you to our users for their input and keep the ideas coming.

Here are a few of the recent enhancements for your everyday user.

  • View benefit hours on the Vantagepoint mobile time and expense app, making it easier for users to know how many hours they have available for vacation, sick and/or paid time off.
  • Select to default to list view saving users unnecessary clicks and support how they work best
  • Show a caps lock warning when logging in to alleviate the frustration of wrong passwords for users
  • See notifications when multiple users are viewing or editing a hub record so users can better coordinate changes
  • Now view project assignments from the employee card, making it simpler to find key employee info in one place
  • And more!


Benefit Hours on Vantagepoint Mobile T&E

“This is a small, but mighty change. Our field staff will love this feature.”

– Gina Worral, Westland Resources, Early Adopter Participant


Learn More

If you want a more in-depth look at any of the Vantagepoint 6.0 enhancements, be sure to check out the latest release notes, watch the Deltek Vantagepoint Quarterly Town Hall and check out the Deltek Learning Zone.