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November 01, 2023
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If you are looking for subcontracting opportunities in the federal market, you know how challenging it can be to find and pursue them. With fewer contractors securing prime dollars, the subcontracting market is increasingly competitive. You need a tool to help you build your pipeline of potential partners and projects.

Fewer Prime Contracting Options Available

Federal agency spending is on the rise, but fewer and fewer companies are securing prime dollars. This means a smaller pool of contractors are consistently winning the majority of federal government awards. This recent shift is primarily due to category management efforts. 

Category management in government contracting is a strategic approach government agencies use to improve the procurement process for commonly purchased goods and services in an effort to reduce costs. It involves organizing products and services into specific categories or groups with the goal of streamlining and optimizing procurement practices. As a result, the government is relying on existing contracts and either recompeting them (like OASIS plus), consolidating contracts (like Department of State's Evolve), or just using existing IDIQs. To reduce duplicative contracts, the government has significantly reduced the opportunities available to be a prime. With many of these contracts lasting up to 10 years, being locked out from this revenue can have severe implications for an organization’s success.

More Competitive Government Subcontracting Environment

Maintaining a Prime position is exceptionally costly, competitive, and ultimately not guaranteed even if an organization meets the compliance requirements necessary to compete. Therefore, by choice or force, many contractors are turning to participate in these contracts now as a subcontractor. This has swamped the market and in turn made it difficult to build a pipeline of best-fit leads in general, with the manual review process required when identifying opportunities on, let alone early enough to build strategic partnerships with other organizations. 

Government Subcontracting Opportunities in GovWin IQ

GovWin IQ has introduced a new feature that makes it easier to identify and track subcontracting opportunities by simply running a search. SAM Notices have always been individually reviewed by a GovWin analyst and now that review process will include marking subcontracting opportunities when applicable with a tag. This manual process provides users with a level of accuracy they can’t get from other tools that rely on automated algorithms. With GovWin IQ, you can be confident that you are seeing the most relevant and reliable subcontracting opportunities for your business.

Subcontracting Opportunity badges display on the search results and details pages. This allows you to use a searchable tag on SAM Notices to quickly and easily refine your subcontracting search and build a pipeline of best-fit opportunities. GovWin IQ searches are extremely flexible, allowing users to filter by agency, NAICS code, set-aside, solicitation number, and more. With Smart Tags™ technology, GovWin searches are able to bridge language gaps between vendors and buyers in searches to ensure you can cut through the noise and avoid missing critical leads.

Smart Fit Scores on opportunities give users instant visibility into understanding how their past performance will impact their ability to compete. When paired with Subcontracting Opportunities users can prioritize leads they are ranking highly and start planning to go-to-market faster.

Find Government Subcontracting Opportunities of Interest

After identifying and prioritizing opportunities of interest, users should begin their go-to-market research. This might include researching the agency, identifying potential teaming partners, and connecting with the right people once a partner looks good on paper. GovWin IQ can help by providing key insights with Agency Profiles and Company Profiles. 

Federal Agency Profiles allow users to quickly identify the best-fit agencies for their products and services. Grow your public sector footprint with tailored-for-your-business comparisons, exclusive GovWin analytics, and benchmarking on individual agencies, delivering deep insights on more than 1,100 Agency Profiles.  

With critical agency insights, these profiles are built to give users a business development edge in the federal marketplace. Whether you need to bring new staff up to speed quickly on a new territory or your seasoned salespeople are seeking more information about significant program initiatives or personnel changes, GovWin’s Federal Agency profiles are a one-stop resource that answers critical questions:

  • How are agencies allocating their budget dollars?
  • Who is an agency's key decision-makers, and how can I contact them?
  • What are the agency’s buying preferences?
  • Where are my competitors operating within an agency?

Smart Summaries make this information even more accessible by leveraging the latest AI technology to generate executive summaries of federal agencies such as spending trends, top contractors, recent contracts and Task Order awards, small business programs, and more.

GovWin IQ’s Company Profiles allow you to take the information you’ve gleaned from either in-app teaming advertisements or top-scoring Smart Fit rankings on opportunities of interest and go deeper into a company’s history to build out your qualification criteria. Understand their growth, historical awards, capabilities, and key contacts if you decide to extend an invitation to pursue an opportunity together. By bringing leads to potential primes, you’ve already begun differentiating yourself as a partner in business.

With GovWin IQ's new Subcontracting Opportunity feature, you can save time and effort in finding subcontracting opportunities, build your pipeline of potential partners and projects, and increase your chances of winning more business in the federal market. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the subcontracting market. Try GovWin IQ today and see for yourself how it can help you grow your business.


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