The Federal IT Contracting Path to Success - Track the Market Today and Plan for Tomorrow

March 10, 2022

The ever-changing nature of the IT market makes it difficult for companies in this space to maintain a proactive posture when pursuing new business. Cutting-edge technologies, security requirements and the increased need for maintaining relevance is more present than ever before. As a market leader in defining IT priorities identified by the federal government, GovWin is now helping IT contractors stay in the know with dedicated market research from the forecasting and budget identification stage to aid in strategic sales planning, and through visibility into the actual hardware and software agencies are purchasing.


GovWin’s New Solution for Businesses in Federal IT Contracting

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Market Analysis Overview

If you are involved in federal IT contracting, you need data-backed insights you can trust to guide challenging decisions about how and where to allocate your organization’s limited business development resources. For more than 35 years, sales and business development executives, strategic planners and market researchers at the leading federal IT contractors have leveraged Federal Market Analysis from GovWin to gain a competitive edge.

Federal Market Analysis from GovWin helps you stay focused on the path to win government contracts with insight into the priorities, budgets, policies, and the decision-making environment shaping federal IT procurement.

Stay Informed on the Federal IT Contracting Market

GovWin analysts are entrenched in the government spending landscape. They collect and organize data from validated sources by conducting interviews with government and industry decision-makers, reviewing strategic resources to provide a comprehensive view of the federal marketplace and then distill those findings to highlight the trends, drivers, priorities, budgets, and legislative issues influencing federal IT spending.

As a result, you will answer questions that are critical for establishing market positioning and capture strategies, such as:

  • What will my customers’ budget environment look like now and five years from now?
  • What do my agency customers care about; what are their IT purchasing priorities?
  • What are the policy and legislative factors directing or influencing what, when, how, and from whom agencies procure IT?
  • What are the most significant market and technology trends impacting IT investment decisions?
  • How are agencies’ strategic priorities emerging as contract opportunities?

To help you answer these critical questions, Federal Market Analysis from GovWin works as an extension of your research capabilities, freeing up valuable time for your company to focus on sales and business development.

Federal IT Contracting Platform  

We offer the following market outlook resources to help you plan for what’s ahead:

Research Reports

All reports are delivered in PowerPoint format. Report packages also include a PowerPoint Executive Briefing and an Excel workbook. Our reports include

  • Annual Budget Report – Analyzes the president’s budget request and provides insight into contractor-addressable budget trends and agency priorities.
  • Annual Forecasts – Our flagship report offers comprehensive analysis of technology spending across the federal market and the trends that impact it. The report provides breakdowns by agency and major technology segment.
  • Issue Reports – Address the landscape, the developments, and the outlook for current and emerging technology priority areas that are shaping the strategic IT direction of federal agencies, such as cloud computing, information security, and big data.

Weekly Analysis

Market Analysis Alerts are provided in a weekly newsletter/blog delivering analysis of news and events affecting the federal contracting community. These topical articles, delivered to your inbox via the GovWin Market Alert email, provide a stream of real-time assessments of the impact of news events, key issues, and market developments so that you can stay at the forefront of critical and emerging issues.

Web-Based Tools

There are two main offerings under the web-based tools umbrella:

  • Federal IT Forecast Finder – Get a clear picture of the IT market with Deltek’s carefully-researched forecast data. Drill down to uncover spending projections for your specific technology segments and agencies of interest.
  • Federal IT Budget Finder – View, filter and download IT budget request data to quickly identify programs and investment types that will provide your organization the most opportunity.

Client Support

Our client support resources cover a wide range of areas, including content support, which allows you to get clarification on content in a report, how something is worded, or the data standing behind the findings.

We can host an Executive Member Briefing, in which analysts will present analyst findings at the member’s site or via webcast (one per year).  And we also offer Analyst Support which allows you to receive 10 hours of analyst support that draws in senior experts along with account managers to answer your specific questions. These two types of client support require a Federal Market Analysis Subscription.

Hardware and Software Visibility Gives You Strategic Intelligence

Another unique offering from GovWin is the ability to monitor where money is going by gaining unprecedented insight into technology stacks acquired through the major IT contracts (GSA Schedule 70, NASA SEWP, ARMY ITES Hardware, and ADMC 2) with GovWin’s Federal Technology Install Base intelligence. With those insights, users can build pipeline and identify upcoming maintenance renewals, agency product refreshes and replacements for end-of-life products based on previous product requests. With strategic intelligence like this you can take control of your short- and long-term growth with insight into competitors’ market share within an agency or across the government.

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