Gain Insight into Government Technology Preferences with GovWin IQ’s Latest Innovation

August 17, 2020
Dan Firrincili
Sr. Manager & Team Lead, Product Marketing

Research shows that technology companies who support the federal government have limited insight into the brands and types of technology installed within government agencies. Yet in reality, many of those same companies, including systems integrators, software and hardware providers and IT resellers are seeking a competitive advantage to uncover potential opportunities and position their company for future growth.

Until now, insights into agency brand preferences could only be collected through word of mouth and may be tracked through homegrown spreadsheets, but far too often these processes do not scale and are unreliable. Fortunately, that is about to change.   

New From GovWin - Federal Technology Install Base

For contractors looking to identify upcoming maintenance renewals, agency product refreshes, and replacements for end-of-life products based on previous product requests, GovWin IQ is proud to introduce its latest innovation – Federal Technology Install Base.  



Federal Technology Install Base

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Here’s how it works. GovWin has created a searchable database of IT line items from quotes on GSA Schedule 70, NASA SEWP, ARMY ITES Hardware and ADMC 2. These are among the most lucrative vehicles supporting the government’s requirements for the latest IT and communications technology products, as well as supporting agency requirements for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. Recent GovWin analysis reveals that annual IT spending on these vehicles exceeds $18 billion on average.

The user searches GovWin IQ’s exclusive database of IT line items to get visibility into when the RFPs on these contracts went out to industry.  They will have access to brand names, model, quantities and other data not available on FPDS (Federal Procurement Data System). They can also leverage point of contact information for the government personnel who are buying specific technologies.


“ Deltek's unique Information Technology Install Base offering gives contractors insight into federal agencies’ existing technology stacks, including hardware and software brand preferences and IT buying trends and cycles. ”

Carey Webster, Sr. Director of Research, Deltek

Some examples of technology stack software discoverable through Federal Technology Install Base include applications, cloud services, middleware, database technology, operating systems, virtual machines and much more.  In addition, Federal Technology Install Base also provides visibility into agency brand preferences for hardware, including: servers; storage systems; network equipment, among other devices.

Dynamic charts make interaction with the data simple and colorful infographics can be downloaded for sharing or inclusion in presentations.

GovWin Federal Technology Install Base

Take Control of Your Long-Term Government Sales Pipeline

With GovWin IQ’s exclusive insights into the technologies agencies have installed at various locations, including brand preferences, Federal Technology Install Base users will be in a position to improve its targeting and build pipeline more effectively. We’re proud to be the first provider of this type of intelligence because we want to better arm our customers in their competitive landscapes.  

With this deep insight and new analytics, we are helping our customers answer questions such as these:

  • What brands do agencies use within their technology stack?
  • Where are my competitors’ products installed across the federal market and in what quantities?
  • What complementary technologies and services might agencies need?
  • What market share do our products or partner products control for an agency?
  • What hardware or software did my customer buy from my competitors?

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