Maximizing Your Resources with Analyst-Tracked Opportunities, Research Support, Onboarding and Training from GovWin IQ

June 01, 2021
Maximize Resources with GovWin Opportunities

Government contracting requires dedicated resources to find, pursue and capture new opportunities. With the ever-changing regulatory environment and competitive landscape, it’s important to maximize your business development investments so you can save time outsourcing the heavy lifting and focus on winning more business. 

The GovWin IQ platform is built, backed and continuously updated by a team of over 150 veteran market analysts and industry experts who receive first-hand intelligence from government decision makers. These analyst-backed insights and forecasts are designed to help your business identify the issues and pain points influencing the type and scope of investments planned for your target agencies. And these same experts can offer you the help you need with onboarding, training and research support to help focus your time on what matters – building winning relationships and developing more government business opportunities.


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Analyst-Tracked Opportunities

In addition to offering valuable analysis in the form of industry reports, thought leadership events and market insights, our analyst team tracks updates to individual opportunities throughout the contract lifecycle giving you access to the most-complete opportunity details in the market. With detailed updates throughout the procurement cycle – up to five years before a solicitation is released -- you can ensure you are making strategic bid/no-bid decisions. GovWin IQ is able to act as a force multiplier for your team, helping you to gather and organize information that would cost your business time and resources.

“ We can’t live without GovWin IQ. The daily feeds and opportunity tracking information are part of our sales offense. ”

Tom Baughan, Federal Vice President, Monster Government Solutions

Based on availability, common tracked contract details that can come along with your GovWin subscription include:

  • Contract details
  • Organization information
  • Procurement timeline
  • Opportunity resources
  • Bid tabulations

Research Support

When you sign up with GovWin IQ, not only do you get regular detailed updates on opportunities, you can leverage our analyst team to free up your time and expand your team’s industry knowledge by calling on our analysts and support staff to fill in the gaps. GovWin IQ offers on-demand research support where our team will work on a request for up to two hours and then deliver it back to you.

There are a variety of research requests our team is able to fulfill including:

  • Agency Outreach
  • Public Record Requests
  • Document requests (contract documents, award values, project budget information, etc.)
  • Custom analytics and data pulls (data pattern request, vendor analysis, agency patterns, etc.)
  • Nailing down the facts around an opportunity

Onboarding and Training

Ease of use is another critical element of success in encouraging adoption when bringing a new tool into your team’s workflow. To ensure your team is making the best use of their subscription, every GovWin IQ customer is assigned a dedicated customer success manager from our award-winning team who provides tailored onboarding assistance, unlimited free training, research and inquiry support with our analyst team.

“ [Deltek is an] awesome company with awesome people who care. ”

Richard Guiffre, Sr. Federal Account Director, Zayo Group

Whether you are looking to learn more about a new GovWin feature or need a refresher on your saved search filters, your customer success manager is the same contact through it all – ultimately becoming an expert on your business’ go-to-market strategy and acting as an extension of your team.

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