How Deltek Construction Solutions Power Small Business Success

April 19, 2022
Small Businesses

The Right Construction Tool for the Job

Your business is changing and you need to work smarter and faster than ever before. The success or failure of your projects is based on profit, and with thin margins, the more accurately your construction company can project job expenses the more easily you can identify challenges before they affect profit.

To meet these challenges, more construction companies are choosing Deltek ComputerEase to power profitable construction jobs through proactive job costing and construction-focused flexibility. Built to meet the unique business needs (e.g. WIP, AIA) of construction accounting, Deltek ComputerEase enables thousands of contractors to drive predictable financial growth.

Save Time and Money With One System

When Intertech Mechanical Services needed to produce combined financial statements for multiple entities while simplifying dues and submissions for five different unions, they choose Deltek ComputerEase for their small business needs.

Their goal? One system with accurate, up-to-date information to simplify and streamline management of a metal subsidiary, general construction, and a property holding company. They wanted to better manage their core business functions, including accounting, job costing, services and document management.

The result? Full visibility into job costing and more accurate financial statements. Intertech Mechanical Services is now able to turn around invoices much faster, they cut the cost of their CPA for financial statements and tax return review in half, and they save six hours per month by reducing the time it takes to process union dues from eight to two hours.

“The cost-saving and time-saving capabilities of Deltek ComputerEase software are amazing, says Pam Clemons-Dowell, Software Implementation Specialist. “It is extremely user friendly. The ease of obtaining the detailed information you need and in the format you need is comparable to none. I have no idea why anyone would use any other software. Deltek ComputerEase is a one-stop wonder.”

Intertech Mechanical Services is a full-service mechanical contractor based in Louisville, Kentucky. They offer plumbing, heating, HVAC and 24-hour commercial service.

Drive Growth and Better Manage Your Projects and Workforce

Jostin Construction was using QuickBooks® for their accounting, and it wasn’t checking all the required boxes to support their growing business. The software lacked essential job costing functionality and it didn’t allow for full visibility into their construction company’s project and financial performance.

“As we all know, in construction accounting, we live, eat and breathe by our work-in-progress and our job costing, and as Jostin grew, it became more and more important to track our work-in-progress (WIP),” said Whitney Eckert, VP of Finance.

With standard accounting software, like Quickbooks, there is no true, robust job-costing system. This increases risk because it’s more challenging to manage costs.

By moving to Deltek ComputerEase, all job-costing functions are now together and everything is integrated. Jostin Construction has full visibility into their projects and their project managers can review their jobs and provide status updates on WIP, on a weekly basis.

As Jostin Construction continues to grow, Deltek ComputerEase is growing with them. The accounting software also provides the essential tools needed to standardize their processes and better manage their workforce.

They are now better able to manage their workforce, personnel, and associated information for their growing business. “We can communicate in a way that blends in with the work that we're doing across our operations, accounting, and payroll teams, and integrate with various aspects of HR, says Liza Smitherman, VP of Corporate Development.

Jostin Construction is a well-established, Cincinnati-based, full-service construction company specializing in construction management, general contracting, and self-performed pump, place, finish and total package concrete construction.


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Deltek ComputerEase has delivered targeted solutions to the construction industry for more than 35 years. Built to meet the unique business needs of construction accounting, Deltek ComputerEase has driven steady, predictable growth for thousands of construction companies during the last 35+ years. 

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