Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc. Achieves Financial Precision with Deltek ComputerEase

October 16, 2023

At Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc., a market leader in the design and installation of fire life safety and security systems for California’s premier commercial properties, success hinges on precision in project management and financial control. With over 40 years of industry experience, Pyro-Comm understands the importance of efficient job cost accounting and financial reporting. As a growing firm they knew they needed an all-in-one system for the business operations that could adapt to their needs. That's where Deltek ComputerEase comes into play as the financial backbone of their operation.

Providing Lifesaving Support in California

With recent acquisitions and mergers, Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc., is continuing to grow and is one of the largest fire life safety and security companies in California. They are dedicated to providing lifesaving support in the communities with their design, engineering and installation phases of Fire/Life Safety, Healthcare Communications, Security Intrusion, Voice & Data, CCTV and Access Control Systems on thousands of projects with Owners, Engineers, Developers and General Contractors. They have completed multi-discipline work at iconic properties such as Dodger’s and Angel’s stadiums, the Kodak Theater, the University of Southern California and the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach.

With projects in both the private and public sector, Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc. recently partnered with Vanderbilt to improve lockdown capabilities at Redland Unified School District (USD) which hosts more than 21,000 students across its 16 elementary schools, four middle schools and four high schools. School security is increasingly paramount for not just Redlands USD, but for school districts everywhere. School security can also be challenging, especially if it is an older facility. With the help of Pyro-Comm Systems and Vanderbilt, Redlands USD has started district-wide implementation of a full-feature enterprise access control system capable of operating across different schools, campuses and other locations. These extra measures are helping to protect kids for entire school districts.

Aligning Job Cost Reporting for a New Focus

Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc., has been relying on Deltek ComputerEase for its construction accounting software for over a decade. Recognizing the critical role it plays in their business, they embarked on a recent project to update their job cost alignment with industry best practices and refine any legacy discrepancies. The goal was clear—to enhance the alignment between budgets and actual job performance, thus increasing visibility and accuracy while engaging their dedicated team. The project team included the owner, day-to-day accounting, operations and Deltek ComputerEase teams. This allowed Pyro-Comm to have multiple perspectives while working with a team of construction experts at Deltek ComputerEase.

Kent Hoskin, CTO at Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc., stated of Maribel Scarnecchia, Director of Consulting at Deltek, “Maribel was very sensitive to the nuances of the business. She was not salesy but was a trusted, guiding figure. She’s a true construction expert.” Ultimately, the embedded experience in the software, along with the understanding and support of the service team and the ability to provide customized reporting led to a 15% higher degree of accuracy in job performance reporting, allowing for better operational management and decision-making. Furthermore, executives have gained confidence in the company’s financial reporting, knowing that the data is precise and reliable.


“Deltek ComputerEase is like a tractor. It’s a dependable piece of equipment that’s well-known. It’s point blank and straightforward and just embodies a lot of understanding around construction accounting.”

– Kent Hoskin, CTO, Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc.


Software Implementation After an Acquisition

Pyro-Comm Systems recently underwent significant changes, including a change in ownership. In an industry that thrives on precise financial data, this transformation necessitated a shift in focus, requiring a simplified general ledger structure, more accurate job costing and custom advanced WIP reporting created with Deltek ComputerEase guidance. However, after the acquisition, the more pressing focus was on payroll to support the wages of about 300 people. Within two weeks, Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc. was able to implement Deltek Payroll, which was a huge accomplishment so that employees received their payment on time.

Consolidating their construction accounting software and payroll services all under one roof saved them time, was easy to coordinate and was a streamlined transition since they already knew the Deltek ComputerEase players. It was especially easy as Pyro-Comm has contact information for Deltek team members from consulting to implementation to payroll, and the team knows who they are and what their needs are—they are not just a number in a sea of customers. Kent noted, “I’m not sure if a company of our size could do such a perfect implementation with any other software.”

Continued Focus on Financial Excellence

As Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc. continues to grow and evolve, they remain committed to maintaining control over job financial performance. Pyro-Comm Systems' journey with Deltek ComputerEase stands as a testament to the transformative power of precision in project management and financial control. With over a decade of partnership, Pyro-Comm recognized the pivotal role this leading construction accounting software plays in their operations. With Deltek ComputerEase as their financial backbone, Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc., continues to thrive, setting a high standard for excellence in the construction industry.


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