5 Reasons Why GovWin IQ Users Should Attend Deltek ProjectCon

August 03, 2023
Logan Ferro
Logan Ferro
Product Marketing Manager
Why GovWin IQ Users Should Attend Deltek ProjectCon

Mark your calendars, October 16-18, for the upcoming Deltek ProjectCon user conference – the ultimate gathering for project-based businesses. As a user of GovWin IQ, you cannot afford to miss this event! This year's conference is the largest of its kind, where fellow GovWin IQ users will converge for three days filled with content, valuable connections and heartfelt customer appreciation.

We're excited for GovWin IQ users to hear directly from our product teams, get visibility into the latest roadmap and learn tips and tricks from product experts on how we help to address various challenges that project-based businesses commonly face.


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Five Reasons GovWin IQ Customers Can’t Miss Deltek ProjectCon 2023

Strengthen Your GovWin IQ Product Knowledge

The number one reason people attend Deltek ProjectCon year after year is for the product sessions—and this year won’t disappoint. Deltek GovWin IQ users will gain insight into the upcoming product roadmap, learn best practices from the experts, hear tips and tricks from other users and see how to make GovWin work better for you.

There are 10 exclusive sessions for GovWin IQ users focused on helping users optimize their business development workflows by learning best practices for leveraging GovWin IQ to find opportunities earlier to build a robust pipeline, networking with teaming partners and buyers, pursue SBIR/STTR opportunities, and using intelligence in GovWin IQ to create winning proposals.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with speakers and market experts to help increase user adoption, improve processes, and optimize your public sector sales strategy. Below is a list of some of the top sessions that attendees can attend. To view the complete list of sessions and themed product demonstration sessions, view the full session catalog.

All GovWin IQ users should attend the GovWin IQ 2023 ProjectCon Kickoff (GW-01) where SVP of Information Solutions, Kevin Plexico; VP of Customer Success, Brian Haney; and VP of Sales, Nima Derakhshanrokni; will host a fireside chat to discuss how what we’re hearing in the market is shaping our product roadmap.

GW-02 Smart Business Development: Using AI and Machine Learning to Drive Sales Strategy

  • Come learn how GovWin IQ is making business development easier than ever before with assistive enhancements only made possible with AI and machine learning.

GW-08 Customer Roundtable: Creating Winning Proposals with GovWin IQ

  • Are you missing information critical to crafting a compelling proposal response? This session will explore the various sets of data available in GovWin IQ and how to utilize this data to master the art and science of submitting a winning proposal.

Gain Government Contracting Insight

Several sessions at ProjectCon feature Deltek’s expert research team members sharing insights into the state of the government contracting market, and offering actionable advice that can help your business reach its sales goals in 2024. Here are some sessions you won’t want to miss:

GW-03 Federal Market Outlook: Wrapping Up 2023 and Planning for 2024

  • Successfully navigating the public sector requires knowledge of the spending landscape and agency budgets and priorities. In this session, Kevin Plexico will discuss the current environment for government contractors at the federal level and what to expect in the next several years. Find out all of this and more in this valuable, data-rich session.

GW-09 State, Local, and Education Top Opportunity Hot Spots & Market Outlook

  • Join GovWin's SLED Market Analysis team as they identify the Top opportunity hotspots in the state, local, and education (SLED) government market. Paul Irby will review growth trends across the nation and review important contracting themes to help contractors and suppliers position themselves to win more business with SLED governments.

Network with Other GovWin IQ Users

As a Deltek user, one of the many benefits is that you have a community of users you can connect with to answer questions, join user groups and share best practices for leveraging your GovWin solution. Leverage onsite Deltek Project Nation Braindates – topic-driven conversations that can be one-on-one or in a small group to brainstorm, solve challenges or share experiences with GovWin IQ. The XPO, sit-down meals and the customer appreciation event also are great opportunities to interact with other users from the government contracting industry.

Uncover Complementary GovWin IQ Solutions

While you are at Deltek ProjectCon, we encourage you to check out our other project-based solutions that can help your company power your project success. You can join sessions or visit the XPO to learn about solutions like Deltek Costpoint or Deltek Vantagepoint!

Just filter the session catalog by role or product to learn more about how these solutions can extend your GovWin capabilities and unlock new possibilities for your projects and business growth. You can also visit the XPO at Deltek ProjectCon to ask questions about these solutions.

Explore Additional Learning and Networking Opportunities

Attendees can schedule time to speak one-on-one in a Meet the Expert appointment to optimize their product usage and get dedicated, in-person support. Additionally, there will be lots of networking and exploration opportunities available in the XPO, where attendees can learn about Deltek’s full suite of products, discover our sponsoring partners’ products and services, engage with our Deltek experts and explore new product concepts in the UX Lab.

We look forward to having you join us in Orlando this October for the largest gathering of project-based professionals! Be sure to register today and don’t forget to invite your teams, colleagues, and user groups to experience all that Deltek ProjectCon 2023 has to offer!


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