Providing Award-Winning Customer Care: How to Adapt During Challenging Times

Posted by Brian Daniell on July 13, 2020

Deltek Award Winning Customer Support

By Brian Daniell, SVP of Customer Care, Deltek

The Customer Care organization at Deltek is more than familiar with working remotely and globally, so when the coronavirus pandemic began impacting communities across the world, Deltek was ready. We have learned more about what our customers value, what’s most important during challenged times and how we can adapt to meet those needs. Here's how we have been making that happen:

Humanizing Customer Support

We can all agree that we live in a digital world where many conversations are conducted through text, chat bots, email, community forums and social media – and picking up the phone isn’t always a preferred communication channel. Whether you’re a customer of Deltek or not, we understand that you need a multi-faceted approach to customer support. We have worked diligently to ensure the interactions you have with our global support organization are seamless and your issues are resolved in a timely manner. While these resolutions can often be handled through an email or a support ticket, we know adapting our approach is equally as important.

When the coronavirus pandemic changed the way the world worked and interacted with one another, we knew we needed to pivot too. With many customers working remotely, some who were maybe isolated from friends and family, and others who had different work environments to adjust to, we understood we had to further humanize our approach to customer support. While that’s always been Deltek’s philosophy, one immediate way we did that was to have more phone and video conversations with customers to better personalize those interactions ─ knowing a simple conversation could make someone’s day better. We quickly realized that our customers welcomed those conversations, to have a dialog and also have someone to talk to when pushing through their daily routines. It might seem simple and straightforward, but it’s reflective of Deltek’s values to always be customer-focused.

Scaling Your Business

Nothing is more critical than the ability to scale your business when you have a dispersed workforce or when you have to manage time-sensitive projects. At Deltek, we fully understand the value of having solutions that support the evolving needs your organization may be faced with.

Our Customer Success teams support those who have cloud-based solutions and they understand the need to rapidly scale better than anyone. This team of cloud experts ensure your team’s tools and systems are available from anywhere and that you have peace of minding knowing you can easily expand accessibility securely. One recent example is when a cloud customer needed to expand their license usage quickly for a COVID-19 related project. Not only were they able to leverage the Deltek Cloud to do that, but they were able to scale in record time. While that’s just a single use case, we continue to hear similar stories that make leveraging the cloud easy and efficient – especially with dispersed teams. 

Listening and Learning

We also take your feedback seriously. That’s why we collect survey feedback on an ongoing basis, in customer experience pulse surveys, as well as through customer support transaction surveys. Both allow our customer care, product and executive teams to make real-time changes that directly impact your experience and satisfaction as a Deltek customer. While the world is faced with new challenges we have never experienced before, we are prepared to act on your feedback as your projects evolve and your goals change.

Not only do we monitor all comments that come in through our surveys, but we are especially mindful of customers who have had to adapt their business due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Deltek has been able to quickly scale coronavirus response resources for customers, make timely product updates for accounting and finance customers who had to adjust labor and time settings, offer free trials, and more. Through these surveys we were able to see how those changes positively impacted customers and provided the tools needed to power their project success.

Award-Winning Support

Nothing makes our job more fulfilling than delighting customers. We inject our passion and dedication into supporting Deltek customers in any capacity, whether it’s during unprecedented times or business as usual. This passion is evident through our world-class customer care organization, and through recent awards which are a direct reflection of our commitment to customers.

Earlier this year, we announced that Deltek had been recognized for the third time by J.D. Power for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” for its Assisted Technical Support in 2019. Additionally, we were “Rated Outstanding” by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for meeting the highest industry standards for customer support operations. We also just became a 13-time recipient of the Confirmit ACE Awards for Deltek’s exceptional commitment to customer excellence. And not only that, we just received the NorthFace Scoreboard Award's Summit status for consistently delivering world-class excellence for the firth year in a row. Our organization understands the significance of these accolades and it’s truly a reflection of our passion and determination to provide a first-rate customer experience. We continue to exceed the benchmark for customer satisfaction, through the service we provide, and the timeliness in resolving requests.

No matter what the months ahead may bring, we’re ready – like we always are – to support Deltek customers globally. We look forward to continue serving you and are committed to your ongoing success. If you have any feedback for Deltek at any time, please contact Deltek Listens with your thoughts. 


About the Author

As Deltek's Senior Vice President of Customer Care, Brian Daniell leads all of Deltek’s Customer Success, Global Support and Training operations. He is responsible for guiding the expansion of the company’s portfolio of services to meet the needs of Deltek’s growing customer base and to ensure customers receive a world class experience. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.