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May 20, 2020
*This blog was updated in February, 2021*

As businesses shift to support more mobile and geographically diverse workforces, many companies are evaluating their infrastructure to determine if it is enough to support the demand. While project complexities change and evolve, companies need to make sure teams are connected and have visibility into information in a timely manner to keep projects on track and move the business forward.

Growing Challenges

According to a 2019 IWD study, nearly 75% of people believe flexible working has become the “new normal”, leaving many companies who haven’t moved their business to the cloud, facing challenges that can hinder their project success.

Having outdated project information can negatively impact project delivery, budgets and customer satisfaction. Project-based businesses are needing to quickly adapt to enable teams to work remotely.

Many of these companies are also making tough business decisions regarding their limited IT resources. Architecting, deploying, and managing redundant infrastructure, dealing with tedious monitoring and patching, and maintaining backups takes up precious staff bandwidth. Even simple network vulnerabilities and ransomware can lead to unwarranted network access and costly attacks. And outdated hardware and software can severely affect performance, cause costly delays and create unforeseen issues.

With project teams working around the clock and from multiple locations, it is imperative that companies use the right tools to keep teams connected and projects moving forward regardless of physical location.

Why Cloud Should Be Your Next Business Move

With all of these challenges, why aren’t more companies moving their project-based businesses to the cloud? Decade old misconceptions about costs, security, performance, or other cloud migration challenges are preventing many firms from making the right move today. It is time to put those fears aside – in today’s rapidly evolving market, quick adaptation can mean the difference between success and failure.

Project-based businesses regardless of size need a security strategy that stretches across the entire company – encompassing people, processes and technology. The Deltek Cloud provides solutions for small businesses to enterprise clients in a highly secure environment, monitored 24/7/365 by a dedicated team including Deltek and our Managed Services Security Provider. Deltek partners with sophisticated third-party providers to ensure physical, technical and operational security, taking measures to make sure your data and systems are secure.

With Deltek Cloud solutions, you can power your entire project lifecycle securely −from pre-award to project close-out− by winning new projects and clients, managing projects on-time and on-budget, finding and developing the right talent, delivering against key financial and compliance imperatives and measuring KPIs across all projects and clients.

With tightened IT budgets and constrained resources, have peace of mind that your critical business solutions will support you with reliable performance.

Deltek Cloud solutions eliminate outdated infrastructure and reduce inefficient IT maintenance processes, lowering the total cost of ownership and delivering the best infrastructure without the hassle, downtime or unexpected expenses of on-premises solutions. Unplanned IT purchases can significantly slow down a project, or wipe out the existing IT budget – putting your cash flow at risk. The Deltek Cloud handles all infrastructure and tuning of the solution, so you can free your resources to focus on more strategic initiatives and critical business issues.

“I was delighted by how smooth our journey to the Deltek Cloud has been. This was testament to the strong collaboration between our internal ICF and Deltek teams – it was a job very well done!” 

Warren Marshall, SVP of Finance & Corporate Business Services, ICF, Europe & Asia

Deltek’s dedicated cloud experts monitor and maintain your solution and take important measures to make sure your data and systems are secure. The Deltek Cloud architecture is designed with security, threat prevention and detection and system monitoring controls. This includes 24x7 monitoring across the Deltek Cloud service offerings from edge to edge - web layer, app layer, transactional layer, network layer, compute layer and application technologies. With Deltek’s experts focused on protecting and maintaining thousands of customers in the Deltek Cloud, our customers can focus on what they do best – winning and delivering projects.  

Increase accessibility to business-critical systems to improve daily operations and project delivery.

With Deltek solutions in the cloud, companies can keep remote workers focused on the right projects and maintain delivery regardless of where teams are located. Deltek Cloud solutions are available safely and securely over the internet. Be confident that you can protect your business investment while Deltek implements security controls and monitors uptime and performance 24x7x365. By leveraging a cloud-based project management solution, teams can plan for successful projects more easily and quickly adjust if a client demands change.

Engineering firm realizes 152% profit growth and eliminates paper-based processes with Deltek cloud-based solution - “I wish we had found Deltek when we first started Apex. I can’t help but think about how many thousands of hours we threw away before our Deltek solution was in place. Deltek has undoubtedly helped Apex move into a better position for the future.” 

−Byrce Crady, PE, Principal, Apex Engineers

  • Connect Teams: As companies have more team members working remotely, it’s imperative to find the best ways to keep teams connected on every aspect of the project so they can keep moving projects forward.
  • Manage Resources: As project and client demands change, you need to know who is working on which projects and keep team members informed of any changes to project timelines or expectations. This allows you to easily adjust resource demands for optimal project delivery and increased utilization.
  • Coordinate Project Deliverables: Projects require numerous files and deliverables. Managing documentation can be a challenge and managing the risk associated with project delivery is no easy task. Project managers need to easily understand project progress and who is working on which deliverable.
  • Deliver Projects: By better understanding how your teams are allocated, you can ensure close collaboration and coordination as projects change and evolve. Teams can feel confident they are working within the right budgets and timelines and have a clear understanding of the current project requirements.

More frequent upgrades with less hassle means project-based businesses can leverage the investment made by adopting time-saving features faster.

The Deltek Cloud supports our clients as they grow with a reliable and accessible cloud platform that allows for additional users and new functionality without incurring wasted time or added infrastructure expense. Deltek’s Cloud solution is both agile and scalable to meet your business needs today and into the future, so you can focus on delivering projects and growing your business.

“By Moving to the Deltek Cloud, we have been able to improve our processes and focus on innovative solutions for our clients. The transition to the cloud has been tremendously valuable for AMT. Our users are more engaged, they are expanding their use of the solution, and they believe in the power of Deltek.” 

−Pete Strawser, Director of IT and Operations, Associate, A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc.

Deltek solutions are designed to meet the changing needs of project-based businesses by incorporating purposeful innovation and emerging technologies that enable you to remain competitive.

Benefit Your Business

As you consider moving to the cloud, feel confident in knowing Deltek can be seamlessly delivered, can reduce your technology hardware and software costs, plus allow you to avoid the time-consuming burden of setup, deployment and maintenance. You won't have to worry about ongoing maintenance, backups, or security protocols; and with internet access, you’ll have secure access from anywhere.


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