July 2019 SLED Analysis: Survey of Government Procurement Professionals

Posted by Nick Schiffler on August 6, 2019

2019 SLED Analysis

GovWin’s research staff of more than 100 federal and state, local, and education (SLED) market analysts provide in-depth research reports, timely articles, webinars, presentations, and consultations to help clients build business development plans and navigate the government market effectively.

In this month’s feature we have summarized recent research such as results from GovWin’s most recent Survey of Government Procurement Professionals, and useful guides instructing vendors how to do business with the state of Michigan, as well as with the state of New Jersey.


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GovWin’s 2019 Survey of State & Local Government Procurement Professionals

Wondering what leaders in the state and local government procurement market see as the main trends for the upcoming year? Research analyst Paul Irby and our SLED Market Analysis team uncovered the answers in the recent special report, the Survey of State & Local Government Procurement Professionals – 2019. The report features responses from hundreds of agency professionals and helps vendors understand agency trends and buying needs for the coming 12 months.

“Our 4th annual survey of state, local, and education (SLED) government procurement professionals monitors and tracks progress in key areas of purchasing, from vendor recruitment to turnaround times to quality of service. This report is designed for use by the entire government contracting community, including companies selling to SLED governments.”

How to do Business with the States of Michigan and New Jersey

While sometimes overlooked when compared to the bigger states surrounding it, New Jersey is still a major source of government bids and RFPs for businesses looking to grow their government sales. The brand new state guide How to do Business with the Government in New Jersey contains all the steps that businesses need to get started selling to the Garden State.

For businesses looking to target government contracting opportunities in the middle of the country, the guide How to do Business with the Government in Michigan is indispensable. Vendors can download the free report to understand how to register as a vendor in Michigan’s SIGMA Vendor Self Service (VSS) system, and how to search for bidding opportunities that match their company’s strengths.

Looking at Data-Driven Solutions to the Opioid Epidemic

Software company SAS recently launched the SAS Opioid Analytics Users Group to help uncover solutions to the growing opioid epidemic. GovWin Research Analyst Brynn Bruder explored this recent development and found that the company has been partnering with multiple state agencies, plus leaders from the private sector, to take a deep dive into the data surrounding opioid use.

“As opioid misuse and abuse continue to rise, data analytics can provide an innovative means to understanding and ultimately alleviating an epidemic that claims hundreds of lives each day.”

New Bill May Help SLED and Federal Cybersecurity Collaboration Improve

Research Analyst Brian Delmolino has been tracking a new government cybersecurity bill which, if passed, could improve how state, local, and federal agencies work together on cybersecurity measures. The bill was endorsed by the National Association of State Chief Innovation Officers (NASCIO) – an indication of its potential impact on the government cybersecurity landscape.

“Considering the potential impact this could have on state and local governments and their approach to cybersecurity, interested vendors may wish to monitor this legislation to see if it passes, and then later how and when SLED governments choose to use these resources.”

Upcoming Health & Human Services Procurements in California

The country’s most populated state is often a hotbed for state and local government contracting – including the health and human services industry. A recent piece of SLED analysis pulled upcoming contracts from the GovWin IQ SLED database to summarize some of the key 2019-2020 health & human services procurements in California. These upcoming bids and RFPs fall into a number of sub-categories, including Medicaid, health insurance exchange, child support enforcement, and unemployment insurance.

To read more of the analysis produced by both our SLED and Federal Market Analysis teams, simply click on this link.

It’s easy to learn more about current procurement opportunities and research in the GovWin IQ SLED database – often before the contracts even go out to bid. Not yet a subscriber? Learn more about Deltek's GovWin IQ service by clicking on the link below.


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