More A&E and Consulting Firms are Using Deltek Ajera to Power Their Business

May 05, 2023
Use Deltek Ajera to Power Your A&E Business

Small and mid-sized businesses often compete with larger firms for projects. With smaller teams, employees often need to wear multiple hats. Even with a dedicated team, the workload of bringing on new clients and responding to RFPs combined with managing projects can be a challenge. Deltek understands these unique challenges and is consistently investing in solutions to help small and mid-sized firms adapt and evolve.

Deltek Ajera is built specifically for small and mid-sized architecture & engineering (A&E) and consulting firms to manage the entire project lifecycle. With over 3,500 Ajera customers, we are committed to helping firms meet demands and prepare for growth. We continue to build on last year’s success with hundreds of new firms implementing the solution.

Moving from on-premises to the cloud is another trend small and mid-sized firms are embracing. From 2021 to 2022 there was an increase of new Ajera customers choosing the Deltek Cloud over hosting the solution on their own servers. Fortunately, many Deltek solutions are delivered seamlessly and securely in the Deltek Cloud or on-premises, giving firms the flexibility to choose which best meets their current needs.

“We are excited to see the Deltek Ajera family of customers continue to grow. Deltek continues to invest in purposeful innovation for Ajera to make it easier for firms to manage their business. We are constantly getting feedback from users through the Deltek Idea Portal on ways to deliver better functionality in Ajera. We’ve delivered on the automatic bank feed and more accessible project management dashboards in recent releases. We continue to focus on the needs of our customers with additional releases this year that will include more flexibility on the dashboards and incorporating Deltek Payments for AR automation,” said Warren Linscott, Chief Product Officer at Deltek.

Ajera Customers Receive Excellent Support

The CPI Group has been providing total program management services for healthcare and high-tech facilities since 1994. Independently owned and Colorado-based, they help clients across the country simplify complex facility projects and realize superior outcomes.

Inevitably new users of any software system will require some level of support. Through their implementation journey, The CPI Group has found the Deltek help center and support staff to be top-notch. “Whenever we have needed documentation it has been far superior to what we were able to find and utilize from our previous ERP system, and the knowledge of the customer support reps has been really impressive. When I can’t find a solution in the learning center, I'll just initiate a chat. If it starts to become too complicated … they'll immediately fire up a Zoom call and we'll address it live. In almost every case, the person knew exactly what I was dealing with and often had a ready solution,” shared Mark Hejtmanek, Principal and CFO.

“The best accounting and project management software for us is one that practically disappears into the background, that runs itself, and that we almost never have to think about. Deltek Ajera frees up our time to collaborate with clients on great designs, give our employees exciting, rewarding work, and streamlines project management projects — in other words, the things that make us a successful architecture business.”

– Diana Ostberg, VP and COO, Saam Architecture

Whether in the Cloud or On-Premises, Deltek Customers Continue to Be Satisfied

Andrew Osterlund, Principal, Osterlund Architects, wanted to elevate the professionalism of their firm, so they selected a project-based accounting solution, designed specifically for the A&E industry.

"Options are limited when it comes to software tailored to architecture and engineering firms,” Andrew explained. Osterlund’s firm opted for Deltek Ajera in the Cloud to empower their team with access to the solution whenever and wherever they need it.

Andrew says, “With our previous software, purchasing against a particular project was a real challenge. With Ajera, we know exactly what to include on invoices. We see each project’s precise material and resource needs and reimbursable/non-reimbursable expenses. We can track multiple layers of consultant firms, the consultants in each firm, and their expenses. Since time is our revenue source, that’s huge.” In addition, project scope changes can be managed more easily with precise resource reallocation, time tracking for additional scope, and accurate invoicing for every change.


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