Small Project-Based Businesses Are Choosing Deltek to Power Their Success

May 06, 2022
Small Businesses

We love sharing with Deltek Project Nation the many innovative ways small businesses are powering their project success. From architecture & engineering and construction firms to government contracting and marketing agencies, our easy-to-use products adapt and evolve as project-based businesses grow.

Whether you are improving business processes and performance, driving innovation or increasing profitability, Deltek is proud to support your efforts. Here are just a few examples of how our customers around the globe have embraced Deltek's industry-specific solutions to effectively grow their small business:

Industry-Specific Solutions Built For Small Businesses

delta point deltek logo

How Delta Point Obtained Growth and Compliance For Their Small Business  

Delta Point, LLC, a small government contractor, knew it was time to transition to Deltek Costpoint to help their small business scale and support their compliance requirements.

“As you grow it’s critical to have a real point of record. A lot of other entry-level systems like QuickBooks are disjointed and require users to go elsewhere to retrieve necessary information. Deltek Costpoint provides that single source of truth, storing all needed information in one location.” – Braxton Apperson, Director

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Rizzo Brothers Deltek+ComputerEase

How Rizzo Brothers Moved Its Technology to the Cloud to Fuel Growth 

Rizzo Brothers, a leading commercial painting contractor, turned to Deltek + CompterEase to modernize their technology systems by moving to the cloud to improve efficiency and manage growth.

“There’s no way the on-premises structure that was here three years ago would have been able to handle our growth trajectory. We would have survived, but we would have had more turnover, and it would have been much more difficult.”  – Steve Brunner, CFO

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How Taft Communications Optimized Their Agency's Financial Operations

Taft Communications, an award-winning UK consulting firm, turned to Deltek WorkBook for approval workflows to help employees with accountability of their financial data they entered into the system.

"By the time I get to the month-end and am looking at the financials, I spend very little time scrubbing the numbers, because I know with Deltek WorkBook they are fundamentally sound, which allows me to focus on analyzing the various key performance indicators in that particulate month."  – Mark McNulty, Chief Financial Officer

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architecture and engineering firm cost savings in the Deltek Cloud

How The Wallace Group Saved Their A&E Firm Time and Money in the Cloud 

The Wallace Group, a small A&E firm in the Pacific Northwest, knew it was time to move to the cloud when their servers crashed − now they rely on Deltek Ajera to manage their projects, payroll and more.

“The stress of managing security, hardware and system patching are no longer on us and we love that.” – Tina Bordieri, Administrative Manager

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How XDesign Consolidated Their Firm's Business Tools to Manage Rapid Growth 

XDesign, a growing Canadian design and project management firm, turned to Deltek Vantagepoint to consolidate their business tools, improve processes and help double their business.

With the incredible growth we’ve had in recent years, we wouldn’t have been able to manage it without Deltek Vantagepoint, I don’t even know how we did it before.”  Greg Quinn, CEO & Principal

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