Leading Contractor Utilizes Cloud Technology to Fuel Growth

January 25, 2022
Rizzo Brothers, Inc

Rizzo Brothers, Inc. a leading commercial painting contractor headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, transforms facilities in their local community, with projects such as the Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Top Golf, and University of Cincinnati, to name a few.

This leading contactor is on a trajectory of rapid growth – having grown almost 40% in two years. What is the secret to their success? Recent technology advancements to modernize the company to improve efficiencies and access to information, combined with hard work and dedication to build the company from the ground up. Their founder, Edgar J. Rizzo, never missed a day of work in 60 years!

Utilize Technology to Support Growth

When staff is overwhelmed, growth can be a challenge. Steve Brunner, CPA, CVA, MAFF, Chief Financial Officer, explains, “When you put a system in place to handle growth efficiently you can grow without as many growing pains. When everyone is maxed out, they don’t want to grow.

When your team isn’t managing projects or employees efficiently it’s harder to grow. Having our technology systems in the cloud with one place for all company information improves efficiency so we can better manage our growth.” Their cloud-based solution, Deltek ComputerEase, empowers employees to be connected and productive from anywhere.


“There’s no way the on-premises structure that was here three years ago would have been able to handle our growth trajectory. We would have survived, but we would have had more turnover, and it would have been much more difficult.” - Steve Brunner, CFO


Create a Paperless Culture

What was Rizzo Brothers’ on-premises structure like before moving to the cloud? According to Brunner, everything had to be printed off or scanned. It was inefficient, invoices would get lost, and there were folders filled with stacks and stacks of paper. Employees didn’t have access to information away from the office.

This impacted the project manager’s ability to work efficiently as they didn’t have access to systems, as well as senior management. When the company’s former President had to work remotely due to an injury, team members had to print and drop off files or scan them, causing a lot of extra work. And now, with the rapid advancements in technology, the younger generation expects everything to be digital at work, just like it is at home.

“The younger generation is bringing in the technology,” stated Brunner. “Yet, many companies struggle with new technology and changing processes. You have to strategically chip away at it piece by piece. You can’t do it overnight. For the past few years, we’ve been chipping, every month, every year. And it’s helped us grow – we are close to 80 employees now.”

To help with this growth, Rizzo Brothers is empowering their team by automating routine tasks and reducing busy-work. They implemented a paperless Accounts Payable (AP) approval process through Deltek Payments so that project managers can approve invoices anytime, anywhere – whether they are at home, traveling, or on the job site. This adds a new level of convenience, while saving time, keeping the team better informed, and improving cash flow.


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Break Down Silos

Rizzo Brothers’ cloud-based construction accounting solution is helping the firm break down silos and improve communication. Since the software is designed for the way they do business, it is creating positive change throughout the entire organization.

According to Brunner, employees are more engaged, provide more updates for improved communication, volunteer ideas since they are more engaged, and complain less because they feel more supported. Deltek ComputerEase is helping to improve communication while moving away from disconnected operational practices of the past.

Honoring Rizzo Brothers Late Founder

This year has been one of change for Rizzo Brothers. Their founder, Edgar J. Rizzo, passed away in August 2021 after 60 years of service to the company. He founded Rizzo Brothers in 1954, created a flourishing and successful business, and left behind a legacy of service to the local community.