We Love Small Businesses: 3 Ways Deltek Helps You Adapt, Evolve and Grow

May 02, 2022
Small Businesses

Deltek proudly supports more than 10,000 small business customers with our innovative project-based ERP solutions and dedicated customer support to help manage their evolving business. Whether your small project-based business focuses on government contracting, architecture and engineering, construction, or marketing, our industry-leading products can help improve productivity, boost collaboration, and increase profitability – now and as you grow.

Project-Based ERP Technology

As a small business, you face unique challenges that require you to carefully balance your limited time and resources with running your project-based business. One way to alleviate some of these challenges is by embracing new technology − like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system − that can serve as a strategic tool and provide a competitive advantage. 

ERP systems; bring together your organization’s disparate tools and processes to help you become more efficient and effective, all in one easy-to-use solution. Deltek's innovative project-based accounting solutions − or Project ERP − adapt to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to make better-informed decisions in real-time while supporting your compliance requirements.

With a host of easy-to-use small business ERP solutions, award-winning customer support, and a low-cost consulting offering to go live quickly – either on premise or in the Deltek Cloud – we support small businesses every day as they adapt, evolve and grow.


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Innovative Small Business Solutions

For small and midsize businesses, we know that you have lean teams and need every tool at your disposal to make your job easier and allow you to focus on bigger organizational initiatives. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of project-based solutions designed with small businesses in mind – to help you tackle the daily challenges in the industries you serve.

Built for small business government contractors, Deltek Costpoint offers an intelligent all-in-one project and accounting management solution that helps keep companies compliant with DCAA requirements. With Costpoint you can streamline your projects, people and financial management for greater visibility into project-specific and company performance to make better-informed decisions in real-time.

In the latest Costpoint 8.1 release, navigation banners have been added to simplify daily functions for new users, and to help guide them through core tasks. This new feature requires fewer clicks and eliminates the need for new employees to remember complex processes, helping them get up to speed on accounting and project workflows more quickly. With more small and mid-sized firms adopting Deltek Costpoint, these types of enhancements are purposely designed to help you engage with the product faster than ever.

For professional services firms, we offer several project-based ERP solutions designed specifically for small businesses. Deltek Ajera and Deltek Vantagepoint, are built for architects, engineering and consultants, and Deltek + ComputerEase for construction firms, all of which put your projects and people at the center of your business so you have the visibility no matter the size or complexity of the job.

The latest release of Vantagepoint has improvements and enhancements for every user that are especially useful for small businesses. From deeper analytics in project plans and more robust filters for assigning the right resources to automated financial management and simpler business development, Vantagepoint 5.0 offers even more to make your everyday job easier.

We're also enhancing small business processes by offering a modernized payment experience. Deltek Payments empowers U.S.-based Deltek customers to accept digital payments, present their customers with integrated payment portals and pay suppliers digitally. It is uniquely built for project-based businesses – including Deltek Costpoint, Deltek Vantagepoint and Deltek ComputerEase users – helping to digitize their payments processes, lower days sales outstanding (DSO), reduce reconciliation and save money.

These are just a few examples of our commitment to supporting the unique needs of small businesses with ongoing enhancements being made to our portfolio of project-based solutions. 

Dedicated Customer Support

We understand that small businesses often have very limited internal IT support and more often than not lack the internal technical teams to lean on for assistance. Your users may be more general users of our software, and may have questions that are more quickly resolved than more complex enterprise customers.

Our award-winning Customer Support is organized by product team, and tailored to the individual customer, such as Ajera or Deltek ComputerEase, with our number one goal being customer satisfaction. While we’ve made great steps forward, we continue to evolve to meet our small business customer needs. We recently enhanced our Standard Care support plan, which is the most popular among our small businesses customers, and have increased the annual case bank for these customers this year, so case counts are a non-issue for the majority of our customers. 

We’ve also doubled the amount of authorized contacts each customer has who can come directly to Deltek Support for assistance. Moving forward, we are enhancing our customer resources by making content such as training, Knowledge Base articles and other product-related documentation easier to find and access, by whomever needs it.

Finally, we are extremely excited about the new all-inclusive Deltek Vantagepoint Launch Care program that streamlines the implementation and onboarding experience for small businesses using Vantagepoint. Through our Quick Launch implementation and proven methodology of best practices consulting, support and project management, this hybrid approach of implementation services and a dedicated Launch Care team will ensure a smooth and successful go-live.


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Supporting small businesses is something that Deltek does every day, providing valuable resources and solutions to help you to adapt, evolve and grow. With thousands of small business customers, we are committed to meeting your challenges through the entire project lifecycle and preparing you for growth when the time is right.

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