Pride at Deltek: Celebrating Our Winning Workplace Culture

June 29, 2023

As a Washington Post Top Workplace, Deltek understands the pivotal role workplace culture plays in achieving success. That is why we are committed to creating an environment that our employees and customers can be proud of. Our values-driven organization encourages members of Deltek Project Nation to be authentic about who they are, giving them a voice and a sense of belonging.

A diverse and inclusive workplace can be challenging to find and create. But organizations that truly care about making their workplace inclusive can foster positive communication, trust and empowerment among employees. Since 2016, the Pride at Deltek employee resource group (ERG) has done just that, serving as a platform for our LGBTQ+ employees and allies by providing educational sessions, networking opportunities and social activities.

In celebration of Pride Month, we sat down with members of our Pride at Deltek ERG to discuss why an inclusive workplace culture is essential to our success, the evolution of our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs and what it means to have pride at Deltek.

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Pride at Deltek

Vice President of Market Intelligence & Competitive Strategy, August Jackson, leads the Pride at Deltek ERG and is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. During our conversation, he shares the importance of Deltek investing in its ERGs, enabling #TeamDeltek to have meaningful discussions and educational experiences.

Pride at Deltek

Senior Director of Financial Operations, Amy Champigny, highlights the importance of companies like Deltek that foster an inclusive work environment where all people are accepted. And shares that when you bring your authentic self to work, you can flourish in ways that you can't when your whole person is not present in the workplace.

Pride at Deltek

Joey Galagate, a Senior Customer Success Manager in Makati, Philippines, notes how beneficial an inclusive workplace culture can be to employee retention. The 10-year veteran shares how Deltek embraces and celebrates all its employees, giving them a voice and a sense of belonging.

Pride at Deltek

Digital Project Management Director, Paige Pierson, appreciates the safety that comes with knowing that Deltek is an inclusive workplace. For the LGBTQ+ community, it’s crucial for employees to genuinely feel safe so they can do their best work and not expend energy trying to keep a secret.

Pride at Deltek

Senior Curriculum Manager, Stacy Hotes-Aprato, explains why having a supportive work environment is so important to her and what makes Deltek so unique. Noting that working for a company that recognizes her for who she is makes her feel more confident.

Pride at Deltek

A Senior Proposal Specialist, KK Kuennen, joined #TeamDeltek a little over 2 years ago. One of the key reasons for choosing to work for a diverse and inclusive global organization like Deltek was because employees can bring their authentic selves to work – without the fear of being exposed – which makes everyone more productive.

Pride at Deltek

Amanda Schultz, an Enablement Program Manager, appreciates the focus that Deltek places on DEI and is proud of the community that it has built. She shares what it means to have pride at Deltek and why it’s so amazing that the company supports the LGBTQ+ community all year long.


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