Powering Project Success Starts With Investing in Our People

June 20, 2023
Ed Hutner
Sr. Vice President of Human Resources
Deltek Named a Top Workplace 2023

Each year the Washington Post unveils its Top Workplaces list highlighting leaders in company satisfaction and engagement, a distinction based solely on the results of employee feedback. For the  seventh year, Deltek has been part of this select list, and this year we are proud to be named the #4 Top Large Company in the D.C. area.

In addition to being named a Top Workplace for 2023 in the D.C. area, Deltek has also been named a Best Place to Work in the Philippines - for the 11th time! The Best Employer Brand Awards recognize companies across Asia that excel at fostering a positive working environment and engaging employees through best-in-class human resources practices.

I attribute a great deal of Deltek’s global success to our transparency with employees and our focus on the employee experience as we continue to evolve as an organization. Finding ourselves on the Top Workplaces and Best Employer lists again tells us we are doing something right.

When looking back over the last twelve months at what’s transpired in the world, the one constant thing we can point to is change. The slowing economy, mass layoffs, the aging workforce and return-to-office mandates, to name a few ─ have impacted individuals and organizations. This is why Deltek continues to evolve with the industry’s needs ─ reimagining how we work, engage and invest in our employees and their well-being.

For #TeamDeltek, these changes have made us stronger and more resilient. They have enabled us to focus on what is important to us as employees, leaders and as a company. Not only strengthening our unique culture but reaffirming that Deltek is, and continues to be, a great place to work.

Evolving the Employee Experience

Creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture is essential to ensure employee satisfaction, happiness, and motivation. A strong workplace culture can increase productivity, innovation, and employee retention. We believe in hiring talented people and providing them with a rich environment to develop their potential. It starts virtually on day one with our modern onboarding program, designed to provide employees with a best-in-class experience.

We are looking forward to enhancing how we bring the best and the brightest together. While remote work has its benefits and has changed how we attract and retain our talent, nothing can replace getting to know your colleagues in person. I’m excited that starting later this year, we will create deeper and more meaningful connections as we evolve this Launch program and welcome new hires to Deltek headquarters again.

Companies are not only evaluating specific programs but also their expectations of employees in this post-pandemic era. For organizations like Deltek, being as open-minded as possible in which we work is key. It’s hard to imagine if we’ll ever go back to being in the office five days a week when we know employees can be just as productive working remotely, if not more. This type of flexibility is also a key differentiator for our recruiters since work-life balance is what candidates are looking for and we believe a hybrid work model can provide that.

We’re also excited about the changes we are making to our physical office locations, and the way in which we’ll collaborate in-person. Being intentional about how and when we come into the office is critical. And a vibrant and engaging space that supports innovation, collaboration and communication is just one way we will do that.

Building a Culture, We Can Be Proud Of

Creating consistently high-performing employees and an amazing workplace culture are top priorities for any business. One of the reasons we are consistently ranked a top workplace is that Deltek provides employees with professional development opportunities, enabling them to grow their skills and take on new challenges. We encourage each employee to own their career and offer a wide range of training opportunities and professional resources to support their learning journey. 

But it’s more than that. We are committed to creating a workplace our employees and customers can be proud of. One where we prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion ─ by fostering a safe environment for employees that encourages understanding and celebrates individuality. Our network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) is a great example of this. These sponsored groups support our diverse employee community and foster stronger allyship. Our ERGs are safe spaces where employees can promote inclusion, share experiences, socialize, network and raise awareness of relevant issues.

By embracing all of our differences—including ages, cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, disabilities and veteran status, as well as the life experiences and ideas of our employees—we strengthen our ties as #TeamDeltek and better serve our increasingly diverse customer community.

Committing to Being a Top Workplace

Deltek’s priority has been and always will be our people. I’m proud of our team’s work to keep #TeamDeltek engaged – through enhanced programs, innovative thinking and new opportunities. A workplace culture like Deltek’s, brings out the best in its employees and can have a powerful impact on the success of the business.

But our work is never done. We will continue to invest in our employees, nurture our unique culture, and strive for excellence in everything we do. Together, we will shape the future, drive innovation and continue to make Deltek an exceptional place to work.