How Advanced Technology & Automation Are Powering Architecture Success

October 04, 2021

As the industry focuses on advanced technology, enhanced sustainability, and improved collaboration to support dispersed teams and design innovative spaces, the architects and architectural firms we work with are using Deltek's project-based solutions to bring their designs to life faster. They are saving time and boosting efficiencies by automating processes, improving infrastructure, and adopting mobile technology. And as a result, many of these architecture firms are reducing manual processes by 50% – redirecting time away from the mundane and back into their teams’ true passion – designing projects!

From designing new creative spaces to retrofitting facilities impacted by Covid-19, to sustainable design to address climate change, we are in awe of the projects architecture firms tackle to solve today’s biggest architectural challenges.

Discover how these firms are moving to greater levels of digital sophistication and how technology is transforming the practice of architecture.

Advanced Technology & Automation

Firm Modernization: From The Flintstones to The Jetsons

Firms that are utilizing modern technology, like Moody Nolan, a 2021 AIA Architecture Firm Award Winner, are moving into a whole new level of productivity. Aaron Askew, Associate Principal at Moody Nolan explains, “This year, we upgraded to Deltek Vantagepoint and I equate this upgrade to going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons. The ability for our project managers to now see their project data in a simple format and assign staff has improved efficiencies for our company.”

“We also took advantage of Deltek’s Marketplace partners – Elevia and Allirum – to automate some of our processes and overall have improved processes by 60-75%,” he said. “It used to take almost 30 days to process invoices and it has been cut in half.”

Like Moody Nolan, one in four firms have already transitioned to a digitally mature business, according to the Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Study, and 76% of firms identified that creating a strategic technology plan is a top initiative. The study finds that most firms are in various stages of digital maturity and are working to better align their business and IT initiatives.

Technology Innovation: Saving Time & Working Smarter

Technology innovation serves as a competitive differentiator and tool for growth in today’s rapidly evolving climate where projects can change quickly and competition for talent is fierce. IT teams are looking at data and cyber security, implementing new software systems, maintaining physical infrastructure, and migrating to the cloud as they create strategic plans for their businesses. The goal? To create a more connected, safer world where employees are able to more easily share information and make better decisions faster. Read on to discover three examples of firms that utilize technology to save time and work smarter.


Supporting Dispersed Teams

When AMT implemented the Deltek Cloud, they were able to create a safe and secure working environment for remote employees across the country. Pete Strawser, Director, Technology and Facilities, explained, “As soon as we switched to the cloud and our CFO ran the first report, he said, ‘Wow, it's so much faster!’ It was more secure, and we could focus on the functionality. At that point the product transitioned from a timesheet to a way to grow our business. It was really powerful for us.”


Working Faster & Smarter

BVH Architecture, is working faster and smarter with cloud-based specification software. “Working remotely without a cloud-based system would be so inefficient — it would not be possible for me,” stated Mike Daily, AIA, Sr. Technical Architect, and Associate Principal at BVH Architecture. “Having all our programs we use on the cloud has made BVH’s remote working nearly seamless.”


50% Time Savings on Field Reports

Deltek+ArchiSnapper reduces the amount of time for our site observation reports by about 50%,” says Dan Sigler, Business Technology Manager, Jordan & Skala Engineers. “All of the administrative and busy work we used to do is now just handled automatically with ArchiSnapper. It lets us focus on the site visit – observing the site, documenting what’s going on – instead of worrying about managing images, organizing them in the right folders and inserting them into a report.”


Digital Sophistication: Eliminating Manual Tasks

While architecture firms are optimistic about moving towards digital sophistication in the coming years, far too many firms still rely on manual data entry and spreadsheets for routine tasks that are easily automated with the proper software tool in place. This results in errors, delays and wasted time.

The M Group Architects + Interior Architects eliminated manual tasks when they moved from Quickbooks® for accounting to Deltek Ajera. According to Michael Timcheck, Architect and Partner, "With Deltek, we're no longer held up with day-to-day scheduling, timesheets and maintenance. Instead, we are doing what we're passionate about – designing spaces for people.”

The Future: Emerging Technologies

As architecture firms evolve, they will continue to work towards greater levels of efficiency, and Deltek will be here to support them every step of the way. According to the Association for Intelligent Information Management, 79% of organizations feel that digital transformation is important to the future of their organization. We anticipate that number will continue to grow as the industry moves towards greater levels of efficiency and innovation.

The adoption of emerging technology trends will continue to grow as the industry has yet to realize their full impact. Top emerging technologies from the Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Study include the internet of things (IoT), geolocation, and augmented/virtual reality.


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