BVH Architecture Works Faster and Smarter with Cloud-Based Specification Software

October 01, 2021

BVH Architecture is a multi-discipline architecture, interior design and masterplanning firm with locations across Colorado and Nebraska. Their diverse portfolio, going back to 1968, covers commercial office buildings, community centers, churches, schools, historic preservation and more.

Four years ago, BVH Architecture recognized their need for a streamlined approach to maintaining design data and construction documents. They embarked on a firm-wide initiative to migrate from server-based to cloud-based solutions to save valuable time and reduce costs.

When it came to construction specification and project manual creation, the firm had two critical needs. First, they needed a cloud-based solution for specification authoring. Second, they needed a powerful product research tool and master guide specification resource.

The Need for a Spec-Writing Overhaul

There is an empowering principle that states, “Life offers neither problems nor challenges, only opportunities.” This is exactly how BVH Architecture approached their search for a cloud-based specifications solution to meet their needs.

Here’s what the firm set out to accomplish:

  • Make a complete transition from server-based to cloud-based technology. BVH went in search of a cloud-based spec authoring solution.
  • Improve the time-consuming and tedious nature of material research and building product selection.  
  • Streamline the process for conducting an in-depth section analysis by finding a solution that provides "things to consider" and other section insights.

Why BVH Turned to Deltek Specification Solutions

Ultimately, BVH’s search for a streamlined specification tool led them to a Deltek cloud-based specification solution powered by MasterSpec®, a product of The American Institute of Architects.

Here is why this powerful combination of software and industry-leading content was the right fit:

  • Less maintenance. The BVH spec-writing team are enabled to create, edit and review specifications from virtually anywhere without IT infrastructure, manual downloads, and installers. They have the option of incorporating their own office master into a cloud-based format.
  • More output. With access to more than 900 peer-reviewed sections covering over 7,000 approved products all in one platform, BVH’s specification output increased by 15%.
  • Increased efficiency. The team can rely on in-depth analysis already performed by Deltek’s team of industry experts plus utilize Q&A functionality in the cloud-based specification solution to save time.

Ahead of the Curve

When BVH Architects invested in cloud-based specification software, they could never have predicted how quickly their team would become distributed during a global pandemic. Senior Technical Architect and Associate Principle of BVH, Mike Daily, has experienced firsthand the benefit of being equipped for remote work when it comes to writing specifications:


“Working remotely without a cloud-based system would be so inefficient — it would not be possible for me. Having all our programs we use on the cloud has made BVH’s remote working nearly seamless.”

Mike Daily, AIA, Sr. Technical Architect, Associate Principal at BVH Architecture


BVH continues to develop construction specifications and move projects forward to serve their clients whether working on site or from home offices. Their team can access pertinent product data from anywhere via a browser and can easily create, edit and review specifications while collaborating with all project stakeholders.

As state and local stay-at-home orders and business restrictions begin to expire, there have been many lessons learned on how to adjust and be agile in the wake of unforeseen situations. But thankfully, it doesn’t take a crisis to demonstrate the importance of digital transformation. Firms like BVH who utilize cloud-based technology solutions are great examples of why mobilization and efficiency are so critical to long-term firm success.


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About BVH Architecture

Founded in 1968, BVH Architecture provides architecture, interior design, and planning services. They act upon the belief that architecture is rich with optimism and are dedicated to the pursuit of architecture at the critical confluence of commitment to people, pursuit of knowledge, and the sense of wonder.