Latest GovWin IQ Innovation Helps Government Contractors Prepare for Order-Based Purchasing

August 31, 2022
Sean Gifford
Associate Research Analyst

Of the $634 Billion total spend reported for FY 2021, order-based purchasing represented more than half at $326 Billion. With half of all market dollars going through contract vehicles, contractors use Deltek’s GovWin IQ platform, the leading government market intelligence solution, to investigate this often-opaque part of the market to see which agencies are buying, from whom, and how.

As part of our ongoing commitment to purposeful innovation, in July 2022 Deltek released an enhancement to Awarded Task Orders (ATO) contained within the GovWin IQ platform, which expanded coverage in task order data beyond curated tracked opportunities. With this data enhancement, we have quadrupled the count of task order awards to more than 46 million, providing our customers the most complete picture of the federal order-based purchasing landscape.

Use Data to Prepare for Complex Contract Vehicles and Order-Based Purchasing

Contractors can now use this data to improve their win rates on task order procurements and to make better bidding decisions more quickly. Take the OASIS Plus contract vehicle from the General Services Administration as an example. As Leo Alvarez, Principal at Baker Tilly, recommended in the Deltek webinar: Update on OASIS Plus, one of the best ways to prepare for the upcoming OASIS Plus solicitation is to review awarded task orders under OASIS and on other contract vehicles that map to the new expanded domains to be added to OASIS Plus in Phases One and Two.

With the task order enhancement to GovWin IQ, customers can better prepare for OASIS Plus and put themselves in a best position to win a piece of the business.

More Awarded Task Orders Gives Greater Control

The enhanced Awarded Task provides information and trends associated with task order, delivery order, BPA, and Other Transaction Authority (OTA) awards. This enhancement also creates more search fields and related data on the award records for customers to gain greater control and understanding of the awards. GovWin also provides access to related content to understand greater award context.

Deltek’s software engineers and research analysts worked collaboratively to make the expanded task order awards information easy to access for our customers from within GovWin IQ. In fact, our lead ATO analyst and lead engineer each have over a decade of experience working with task orders, which shows up in the quality of the data. The analysts that worked on building out these enhancements are the very same analysts that respond to your research requests and are what sets GovWIn IQ apart from every other market intelligence provider.

As a customer, you can use your customized searches within GovWin IQ, using Smart Tags, Contractor, and Buying Organization, to drill into specific tasks of interest to gain insights into contract type, PSC and NAICS, Percentage of Ceiling Value Spent to Date, specific contract and program spending trends and much more. These same search techniques can be used whenever you are using GovWin’s task orders, whether to learn more about specific contract vehicles or if you’re looking for expiring tasks to help get ahead and build your business pipeline.


" GovWin’s enhanced coverage of task order award data will make it much easier for customers to get the spending and competitive insights they need to take control of their task order portfolio and to drive better decision making processes."

– Dan Firrincili, Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek.


Awarded Task Order Expansion is Deltek’s Latest Government Contracting Innovation

The enhancement of Awarded Task Orders provides a more complete picture of the federal order-based purchasing landscape. The additional search fields and related data on award records help Deltek’s GovWin IQ subscribers gain a better understanding of what agencies are buying and who they are buying from.

This enhanced task order data is just one of several recent government contracting innovations from Deltek. In fact, in August 2022 Deltek added agency profiles for Canadian government agencies to its Canadian market intelligence within the GovWin IQ platform. Those profiles include federal agencies, Crown corporations, provinces, territories, and MASH (municipalities, academic institutions, schools and hospitals) entities, making it easier to identify potential public sector business partners.

Deltek’s continued commitment to purposeful innovation helps to make the jobs of government contractors easier throughout the entire project lifecycle. Ready to see it in action for yourself? Click the link below to try GovWin for free.


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