Analyst-Tracked, Cradle-To-Grave Updates to Contract Opportunities Can Help You Make Strategic Growth Decisions

April 22, 2021

GovWin is built and backed by a dedicated team of over 150 industry-recognized analysts. This team is responsible for our Market Analysis, thought leadership and much of the specialized content that lives in the GovWin database. Many of our analysts have spent over 20 years in the government contracting space, reaching out to the government and building relationships with key points of contact to provide detailed, early insights to our customers from a centralized, easy to use platform.

This way of gathering and organizing opportunity information is unique to GovWin because unlike many other automated scraping tools that merely pull data from agency websites, our analysts are bringing a proactive and human element to updating contracting opportunity leads. These detailed updates allow clients to understand the past, present and future of a project. Users should walk away clearly understanding what has happened and what out analyst team anticipates to happen in the future.

GovWin IQ offers a holistic view into the procurement sector through our most detailed data set: Tracked Opportunities. This data set is managed by our analyst team, often from the Forecast Pre-RFP stage through Contract Award; giving you the most foresight into opportunities.


Tracked Opportunities to Help You Make Strategic Growth Decisions

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With detailed updates throughout the procurement cycle, Tracked Opportunities help you to ensure you are making strategic bid/no-bid decisions. This allows you to get in on the ground floor for opportunities that are a strategic fit – months or even years before your competition so you can plan more strategically and shape the RFP in your direction, save valuable time and start capture pursuits sooner.

Plan More Strategically With Analyst-Tracked Updates

By using this data to make better decisions about which opportunities to pursue and which opportunities are more trouble than they’re worth, based on actionable insights for opportunities you are interested in, you can lift your win rates. Our analyst-backed insights and forecasts are designed to help your business identify the issues and pain points influencing the type and scope of investments planned for your target agencies.

You can also build a complete, forward-looking picture of good-fit opportunities for your federal, geographic or vertical market with opportunity announcements posted up to five years before they’re released to the public. Incumbent data, competitive profiles and assessment formulas help you decide which opportunities are worth pursuing - with a high probability to close - and which aren’t.

When paired with proactive outreach to key points of contact, this early identification can allow you to build relationships early and suggest requirements agencies should be thinking of to best meet their needs. GovWin tracks over 100,000 decision maker-level contacts for agencies across the U.S. to help you network with the right people. These contacts are often linked from the Tracked Opportunity itself to save you valuable time and streamline your proactive workflow process.

Save Valuable Time and Make Strategic Growth Decisions

Beyond planning more strategically, our team of analysts can free up your time and expand your team’s industry knowledge by providing on-demand research support to fill in the gaps or answer questions about a particular procurement. Research support requests are made directly from the opportunity page in the GovWin platform and will be responded to within 24 hours. During that time, our analyst team will work diligently on your behalf to fulfill your request for up to two hours at no charge to you.

What Parts of Contract Opportunities are Being Tracked?

As the ultimate force multiplier, GovWin IQ is able to gather and organize information that would cost you time and resources. The analysts primarily provide updates when there is actionable news around an opportunity. Updates can originate from direct communication with government points of contact or through online research and can range from changes in strategy, newly available budget information, new points of contacts, project delays or challenges, to confirming future procurements milestones and much more. Based on availability, common tracked contract details include:

  • Contract Information: Access announcements of sources sought, RFQs, RFIs, contract requirements, expiration information, and project value
  • Organization Information: Review updates directly from the buying organization and feel prepared while you’re preparing to bid
  • Procurement Timeline: Stay informed with early identification, tracking updates and pushing notifications to your email help you stay ahead when it matters most
  • Opportunity Resources: Review capture documents, addendums, conference attendee lists, proposals, contracts, bidders lists, meeting minutes, budgets, and more to give yourself a detailed look into the procurement landscape
  • Bid Tabulation: Compete with confidence with access to historical bid records to ensure you’re priced effectively

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Win More Business with GovWin’s Secret Sauce: Analyst-Tracked Opportunities

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