Leverage Best Fit Searches for Your Go-To-Market Planning with GovWin IQ

March 07, 2024
Logan Ferro
Logan Ferro
Product Marketing Manager
Leverage Best-Fit Searches for Your Go-To-Market Planning

Finding new opportunities is one of the top challenges government contractors face when trying to grow their public sector business. 75% of contractors actually ranked it the number one challenge they face in this space in their response to the 14th Annual Deltek GovCon Clarity survey.

This begs the question, how can you make strategic growth decisions and pursue new business without exhausting your resources trying to identify new leads? The answer points back to what are your lead generation strategies; and further, how are you leveraging your go-to-market planning tools?

GovWin IQ centralizes U.S. and Canadian public sector coverage in a single, easy to use platform to help make finding new opportunities, no matter the market you serve, as streamlined as possible. This is critical when you’re developing a proactive sales strategy because you not only need to identify your total addressable market (TAM) but also ensure your searches are delivering relevant results without excess noise. GovWin IQ has a range of AI-backed search tools that give users a better way to search for opportunities, research their buyers, or even identify potential teaming partners and competitors so they can make more informed growth decisions faster.

Best Fit Searches Help You Find More Government Opportunities

Although centralized coverage is an important pillar of growth, it isn’t enough on its own to ensure you’re capturing every opportunity of interest. Best fit searches are the other critical piece of opportunity identification; meaning your searches are broad enough to capture everything you might be interested in pursuing but specific enough to cut out results that aren’t relevant.

GovWin IQ’s IntelliSearch has a variety of search tools to give users total control over how they find what they’re looking for. The newest enhancement to IntelliSearch, Smart Search for opportunities, is a natural language search that leverages AI technology to translate phrases and keywords to AI-applied filters. Many users know what results they’re looking for but don’t always know how to get to that result. By enabling users to search by simply describing what they're looking for, and further refine those searches on the results page, GovWin IQ makes creating searches more accessible and efficient than ever.

Below Smart Search, IntelliSearch offers manual search filters that allow users to apply filters of their choosing to effectively build a more specific search. These filters slightly change by content type, such as opportunities, contracts, contacts, government agencies, company profiles and more. Search filters include countless customizations by government type, opportunity type, status, location, and so much more.

Agency Search Filters

Lastly, for even more complex searches, users can leverage Query Builder, GovWin’s Boolean logic tool. This feature allows users to apply logic to searches by strategically including or excluding certain content. By implementing “AND” or “OR” filters, users gain an added level of filtering to your searches to include or exclude leads. These search tools ensure you aren’t missing relevant results and when saved to your profile, you can get updates sent straight to your inbox.

Query Builder

Beyond self-selected filters, GovWin’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology take searches to the next level. Smart Tags™ are an exclusive analyst-powered classification schema that bridges the language gaps between an agencies and vendors. Behind the scenes, Smart Tags™ review the context of a project using a unique set of rules that determine the proper categorization of a project – even if there are misspellings and nondescript titling. For example, agencies might use phrases like “New wing build for Walter Reed National Medical Center” and vendors might be searching for “Hospital Construction.” With Smart Tags™, you know you’ll see that contract in your search results.

Smart Tags

GovWin’s Smart Fit Scores leverage machine learning to “score” best fit opportunities for your organization directly from IntelliSearch interface. This scoring model takes into account five influential criteria (NAICs codes, Smart Tags™, keywords, agency, and place of performance) and compares your historical contract award data to help you quickly determine the best fit opportunities for your organization. Each of the five criteria are weighted slightly differently to help gauge the realistic likelihood of a realistic fit with scores ranging between 40-100, from very weak fit to very strong fit. With searches rendering these quick-hitting results, you can quickly assess the quality of your searches to ensure you’re capturing relevant, actionable leads.

Smart Fit

Go Beyond the Bid with Go-To-Market Planning

After identifying best fit leads, the go-to-market process begins and exemplifies why it’s so important to plan beyond the bid. This is where your organization makes decisions about which opportunities to pursue and which opportunities are more trouble than they’re worth. It can be difficult to qualify leads without a blueprint for which government agencies have the budgets to support the work you do or already buy the type of solution or product you provide. Without that insight, you risk mismanagement of your B&P budget.

For broad strokes of where to focus your growth efforts, dive into GovWin’s subject matter experts’ analyst reports and market analysis forecasts. These help you maintain a pulse on the industry and market you serve to guide your growth directionally with insights on key market impacts you should be aware of prior to making strategic decisions.

GovWin’s detailed agency profiles and spending analytics help you go a level deeper into your market research. Quickly identify what agencies are investing in so you can create actionable, go-to-market plans based on insights and analysis collected by our award-winning team of subject-matter analysts. Specifically, Federal Agency Profiles, State Government Profiles, and Vertical Profiles (i.e. healthcare, transportation, etc.) contain a wealth of knowledge to help you make those strategic growth decisions. Review top expenditures, budget data, key contacts, top contractors by type of spending, and more to get a complete picture of your likelihood to win new business or expand into a new market.

Go-to-market planning can be stressful because allocating resources should always be backed in data. With GovWin, you can streamline your market research and pursuit workflows to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your organization.


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