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March 08, 2019

The vast technology and telecommunications sector is shaping federal, state, local, and educational government. Far more than just traditional information technology (IT) hardware and software solutions, the sector increasingly involves cybersecurity, big data, mobility, digital government, and cloud-based solutions, along with more traditional IT areas like information services consulting, IT hardware, software & services, telecommunications, and wireless.

Fortunately, GovWin IQ is able to help businesses in this complicated and constantly-changing space to stay on top of the latest government opportunities, while providing vendors with the tools necessary to find and win information technology government contracts.


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IT hardware manufacturers and value-added resellers (VARs) today operate under immense competitive pressure, with thin margins and complex distribution channels. The diverse telecom space spans unified communications, VoIP, secure communications for public safety, as well as the wireless devices and services to equip agencies. More and more, government agencies are feeling the need to plan, install, and manage these information assets, to connect other agencies and improve service, all while driving security and efficiency.

Government contracting opportunities at all levels of government within the IT space cover all kinds of technology products and services.


  • Information Technology Support and Consulting Government Contracts
  • Cybersecurity Government Contracts
  • Government Telecommunications Services
  • Big Data Government Contracts
  • Cloud Services Government Bidding Opportunities
  • Mobility Government Contracts
  • Government Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Whether a business is more interested in finding state and local information technology contracts or federal government IT contracts, they can uncover what they’re looking for in GovWin IQ. With thousands of opportunities captured, and in-depth research providing valuable context, our customers have all of the tools they need at their fingertips within the intuitive GovWin IQ platform.


GovWin helps technology and telecommunications providers connect with agencies who need information technology solutions today, and are planning for process and system upgrades for years to come. Our solution goes beyond bids and RFPs to source future leads and planned, funded projects from thousands of federal, state, local, and educational agencies across the country. We give customers the ability to respond effectively to opportunities today, all while strategically managing the future.

 “Since becoming a GovWin IQ member, we realized very quickly why Deltek’s product and supporting services are known as the ‘gold standard’ for research and tracking of the government market.”

 –Tomette Herring, Senior Business Development Director for IMT – A Mission Essential Company

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Are you a government contractor involved in the O&M industry? You can win operations & maintenance government contracts by leveraging our expert analysis and comprehensive data.

Is your business involved in the professional services space and looking to sell to public agencies? GovWin provides market intelligence that can help your firm win professional services government contracts.

Or you can click on the link below to request your free demo of GovWin IQ, and learn how our industry-leading market intelligence gives you the tools you need to grow your government business pipeline, and find and win more relevant government bids and RFPs.


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