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January 22, 2019

The operations & maintenance sector spans a broad array of categories including facilities, roadways, railways, parking, landscaping, janitorial, electronics, and public safety. It even covers food services, as well as the office equipment & supplies that keep institutions and agencies running. In this sector, operations & maintenance contracts are often handled on a multi-year basis.

To meet scheduled maintenance or inspection requirements, or for installation of new equipment or one-time service work, procurement is also frequently conducted through individual government bids. GovWin IQ provides vendors the resources to map the market and identify the competition well before contracts come up for bid, giving time to prepare highly customized bids and proposals highlighting their company’s strengths, and revealing weak spots that their competitors may have.


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GovWin also helps businesses monitor and support their reseller and distribution channels by providing market intelligence on new bid opportunities, upcoming recurring contracts and agency budget information to spot new opportunities on the horizon – months, even years before the opportunities go out to bid – and feed those leads to their distribution network to help build their public sector sales pipeline.

Vendors with focuses on both SLED government contracting (state, local, and education) as well as federal government contracting can find opportunities that fit their company’s product offerings. We’ve pulled some examples from the GovWin IQ market intelligence platform that represent the types of government contracting opportunities that are regularly being budgeted for or going out for bid.

Operations & Maintenance Government Contracts Found Within GovWin IQ

There are a wide variety of government contracting opportunities that fall underneath the umbrella of operations & maintenance. Below we have provided a few examples.

Types of Operations & Maintenance Government Contracts Available for Vendors

  • Road Maintenance Contracts
  • Building Maintenance Contracts
  • Janitorial Services Contracts
  • Physical Security and Safety Contracts

Of course, operations & maintenance government contracts aren’t the only type of leads that are available within GovWin. Our customers - who do business in a variety of industries from across the spectrum of public sector sales - are gaining a great deal of value from the entire depth and breadth of our government market intelligence.

“Since becoming a GovWin IQ member, we realized very quickly why Deltek’s product and supporting services are known as the ‘gold standard’ for research and tracking of the government market.”


Looking to find and win more federal government contracts? Our market intelligence and research analysts can guide you to success in federal government contracting.

Is your business trying to break into the lucrative state, local, and education government contracting market? See how you can use GovWin IQ to grow your SLED public sector sales.

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