Improve Project Accuracy with Specpoint Revit Integration

February 28, 2023
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager

Technology continues to streamline and improve the accuracy of building projects for the AE industry. One industry tool that has delivered numerous cost-savings benefits to projects is Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM takes 2D, flat drawings, and models them into visual 3D models that allow the designer to better understand how well the design can be constructed and make changes prior to the actual start of construction.

Autodesk Revit is one of the most widely used BIM tools available. Deltek Specpoint has released a Revit plug-in that integrates construction specifications to the Revit BIM model to deliver better coordinated projects. Let’s explore the benefits of BIM to architects and engineers along with the value Specpoint’s Revit integration brings to delivering high quality projects.

Why is BIM Important to Architects and Engineers?

Design is an iterative process involving many individuals and numerous stages. Project teams often complete their portion of the project in a workflow silo environment, without a view into how their decisions will impact other teams and project outcome. Removing workflow silos and adopting one common platform or “source of truth” allows the team to better coordinate and efficiently produce project deliverables. A BIM model is the one source of truth.

Using a BIM process for your architectural project is key to minimizing issues down the road, identify potential risks and contributes to designing well-thought-out, and technically sound buildings. BIM allows the design team to:

  • Design buildings more accurately
  • Reduce costly errors, change orders and RFIs (Request for Information)
  • Work more efficiently and collaboratively across disciplines
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Decrease project costs
  • And more!

How is this possible? By leveraging a BIM model, the architect and engineer can see how the design will look before actual construction begins. You can spot issues early on and change them before spending any money on construction. BIM’s core benefit is to help minimize potential issues, mitigating risk and empowering teams to deliver better built projects.

Deltek Specpoint Integrates Specs to Revit for Better Coordinated Projects

Deltek continues to enhance the specification development experience with new features and enhancements for architects, engineers, spec writers and building product manufacturers (BPMs) with Deltek Specpoint. This all-in-one specification and design automation tool brings together design professionals and BPMs to collaborate throughout the project lifecycle. In this latest release, Specpoint introduces the ability to integrate construction specification to BIM models using Autodesk Revit, bringing more efficiencies and collaboration for better coordinated projects.

Key functionality in phase I of Specpoint’s integration to Revit include:

  • Product Selection from Revit: Easily review and find building products information added to the project for coordination to Revit model elements. Users can also research and add products based on UniFormat functional elements approved within Specpoint to improve project accuracy.
  • One-click Specification Collaboration: Access specifications in a single click to review information or suggest markups in real-time improving project efficiencies.

The benefits of Specpoint’s Revit integration (phase I) revolve around improved project efficiencies, enhancing project team collaboration and increasing accuracy of project deliverables.

Specpoint Revit Integration

This phase I integration brings efficiencies to coordinating product selections to the Revit model, all in one tool, to increase project team collaboration and produce high quality specifications that align with the BIM model. Deltek is committed to modernizing how A&E firms develop construction specifications along with integrating with the most widely used industry BIM tools to help you deliver successful projects. Stay tuned as Deltek delivers more Specpoint to Revit integrations in 2023!


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