AIA MasterSpec: Powered by Deltek Specpoint

April 15, 2024
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager
AIA MasterSpec: Powered by Deltek Specpoint

In response to the architecture and engineering (A&E) industry's demand for a more efficient and modern tool to develop construction specifications, Deltek, in collaboration with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), introduced the groundbreaking next-generation specification management solution: Deltek Specpoint. This innovative platform not only streamlines the specification process but also transforms the renowned AIA MasterSpec® guide specifications into an intelligent digital format, replacing the traditional Microsoft Word documents.

Over the past two and a half years, Deltek has actively assisted customers in adopting Specpoint, paving the way for a more modern specification management tool and discontinuing the publication of MasterSpec updates in Microsoft Word. Starting in 2024, all MasterSpec quarterly content updates will be exclusively available through Deltek Specpoint. The MasterSpec Q4 2023 quarterly update, released at the end of December 2023, will be the final version downloadable as standalone Word documents. Word files for MasterSpec Q4 2023 will remain accessible for download through June 2024.


“As cloud-based software, Specpoint ensures we are always sourcing the latest version of AIA MasterSpec.”

– John Graham, Principal Architect & Co-Founder at Kingdom Design Group


Deltek Specpoint has garnered industry attention as the leading specification software due to its ability to empower architects, engineers, and specifiers in efficiently crafting construction specifications. By intelligently researching and selecting building products, Specpoint streamlines the spec writing process and enhances the production of project manuals, resulting in successful building projects. Here are the top five reasons, along with a “bonus” why A&E firms prefer Specpoint:

  1. Access Up-to-Date AIA MasterSpec Content: Specpoint provides architects, engineers, and specifiers with dynamic access to the most current AIA MasterSpec library without the hassle of downloading the most recent updates.
  2. Comprehensive Product Research: With over 50,000 building product listings, including sustainable options, Specpoint empowers users to research, select, and specify the right products.
  3. Enhanced Team Collaboration: Specpoint facilitates a more iterative collaboration process among project teams and elevates input from all project participants with Contributor Users.
  4. Efficiency and Risk Reduction: By leveraging software technology and automation, Specpoint improves the quality of specifications and project manuals while minimizing risks and time-consuming rework.
  5. Choose Your Preferred Format: Specpoint offers UniFormat and MasterFormat options, so you can work in your preferred format for efficient specification development.

Bonus: Specpoint’s Best Practices combine intelligent tagging with automation, enabling 50-80% of project creation without manual effort. And seamlessly incorporates firm and owner standards, significantly reducing the time required for specification development.


“Writing specifications can take a lot of time, which is why it’s important to take advantage of software to make things easier.”

– Eugene Ninnie, Senior Structural Project Engineer with Jorgensen


What Does This Mean for MasterSpec Users?

If you haven’t already migrated to Specpoint, as a MasterSpec user, you’ll receive access to Deltek Specpoint at no additional cost during your renewal. With Specpoint, you can digitally transform your specification authoring process and ensure you always have the latest version of MasterSpec and building product manufacturing content for your projects. Plus, there’s no longer a need to download and manage separate Microsoft Word files. The most up-to-date content will always be available directly within Specpoint, and if necessary, you can export your specifications to Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Navigating Change – Deltek Is Here to Help

As your organization adopts Deltek Specpoint, we recognize you may have questions. Deltek is dedicated to supporting you throughout your Specpoint experience. To help jumpstart your Specpoint journey, we have compiled responses to commonly asked questions. Our Deltek Specification Solutions Customer Success Team is prepared to assist if you require additional clarification.

Here are some common questions:

  1. Is AIA MasterSpec going away?

    No, AIA MasterSpec is not going away. In fact, it's better than ever now in a digital format versus Microsoft Word documents. MasterSpec is now a component of Deltek Specpoint, coupling the renowned AIA MasterSpec with the latest in technology for more efficient specification development.

  2. Can I continue using AIA MasterSpec in Microsoft Word format?

    While many Specpoint customers are praising the switch to Specpoint, we understand each user must plan a transition to Specpoint. To help ease the transition, customers can export MasterSpec from Specpoint into Microsoft Word or PDF format. AIA MasterSpec is copyright-protected content and an active Specpoint subscription is needed to use MasterSpec content in projects or to develop firm office masters.

    Discover how internationally ranked firms such as SSOE, mid-size firms such as Merge Architectural Group, and boutique firms like Kingdom Design Group benefit from Specpoint, the home of AIA MasterSpec.

  3. How can I access Specpoint?

    As an existing MasterSpec user, you automatically have access to Specpoint at no additional charge when you renew your existing product subscription. If you’d like to start using Specpoint before your renewal, simply reach out to the Deltek Specification Solutions Customer Success Team, and they’ll assist you promptly.

  4. What does this mean for my firm and ongoing projects using MasterSpec?

    If you have projects in progress using AIA MasterSpec, we recommend completing those projects using the MasterSpec (Word) format. For new projects, embrace Deltek Specpoint—it’s easy to get started.

  5. What resources are available for transitioning to Specpoint?

    To facilitate a smooth transition, we offer various learning tools and resources. Whether it’s the Specpoint Onboarding Team, self-paced online training videos, or using in-app guidance to provide quick learning and insights about new product features, to our comprehensive Specpoint Customer Assistance Program (CAP), Deltek is here to support you. Connect with the Deltek Specification Solutions Customer Success Team for guidance using these resources.

  6. Can I import projects or office masters into Specpoint?

    Yes, Specpoint offers an import function that enables users to import existing office masters or projects to Specpoint.

  7. Who can I contact if I have questions about adopting Specpoint?

    Please contact the Deltek Specification Solutions Customer Success Team for assistance.


“MasterSpec makes it easier to create specifications and helps writers ensure they follow industry codes and regulations.”

– Jeanne Tebera, Principal and Senior Electrical Engineer at Henry Adams


Deltek’s Commitment

We are committed to delivering industry leading project-based solutions to power your projects. Better software means better projects, and Specpoint is evidence of Deltek’s commitment to leverage technology to gain specification efficiencies, improve quality and use your firm's inherent knowledge to make data-driven decisions to deliver better-built projects.


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