Presenting the Deltek Ideas Portal for Deltek + ArchiSnapper: Your Thoughts Count

August 24, 2023
Nick Nieder
Nick Nieder
Senior Director, Product Management
Your Thoughts Count: Deltek + ArchiSnapper Ideas Portal

In every business, regardless of industry, it is important to keep an open communication line between the consumer and the producer. In the world of technology, this line of communication is critical to ensure software developers are producing solutions that customers need, want and use. To foster the sharing of ideas, we are excited to introduce the Deltek Ideas Portal to Deltek + ArchiSnapper users!

The Concept Driving the Portal

Research has shown products developed in isolation from their potential buyers often fail when they are delivered to the end user. User input and collaboration fosters a partnership and mutual understanding. This leads to stronger long-term relationships, as users feel heard and valued, which is a win-win for users and product management teams. We rely on customer collaboration and feedback to create better products, and the launch of the Deltek + ArchiSnapper Ideas Portal facilitates a process to help capture those product ideas. The Ideas Portal allows you to share your ideas directly with our product management team, discuss ideas with peers, and vote on other ideas submitted through this online tool.


Deltek + ArchiSnapper

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Share Your Ideas

Any ArchiSnapper user can access the Deltek Ideas Portal once logged into the ArchiSnapper web browser application. From the ArchiSnapper toolbar, select ‘More’ and click on ‘Add Product Idea,’ where you will submit your innovative product concepts. Once in the portal, you can easily share your product ideas, vote, and add insight to other people’s ideas.

Ideas PortalTo submit your product ideas, go to the ArchiSnapper toolbar, select ‘More,’ and click on ‘Add Product Idea.’

Through the Ideas Portal, You Can:

  • Add a New Idea: Submit your feedback to help form product ideas to enhance ArchiSnapper
  • Review Submitted Ideas: Receive status updates on ideas you have entered and easily filter to see what ideas are currently planned for release
  • Easily Search Ideas: Search for submitted ideas by typing key words into the search box to see all the great ideas from the ArchiSnapper user community

Your Input and Suggestions

We are excited for ArchiSnapper users to interact directly with our product management team – and for our team to gain visibility into product ideas from users to help shape the future of ArchiSnapper. Take advantage of engaging with the ArchiSnapper user community by submitting, commenting, and voting on ideas that would benefit your company!