Discover How Craine Architecture Ensures Quality Work with Consistent, Accurate Documentation

March 06, 2023
Craine Architecture

Craine Architecture, based in Denver, Colorado is a firm that specializes in residential properties and communities, as well as hospitality, resorts, and urban infill development.

The firm has plenty of projects on the go, including NOVEL Val Vista in Gilbert, Arizona—a 317-unit residential development which also includes a dog park, swimming pool, and outdoor kitchen. It’s also working on a seven-building, three-story walk-up, in Loveland, Colorado, and recently completed a 13-story apartment building, The Edit, in Denver, Colorado.

We spoke to Orlando Rockwell, project manager at Craine Architecture, to find out the secret behind the team’s success, why clients choose them, and the tools they use to make their projects run smoothly.

Winning clients with a great reputation for quality

Craine Architecture creates excellent relationships with its clients, so a lot of its work comes from repeat business—including new projects and extensions. Orlando tells us what the firm does to build and maintain these relationships: “Obviously a well thought out design at every stage is really important,” he explains. “But also understanding what’s driving the project and what the client really needs from it.”

“It’s not about ego and trying to make the most beautiful design,” Orlando adds. “It’s about listening to the client and making something they really want as a priority—and making it beautiful only once you’ve met those needs.”

Repeat business isn’t the only driver of Craine Architecture’s success. Their reputation for good work also helps them get referrals. “Denver has a fairly tight knit community,” Orlando shares. “Word gets around, so when you do a good job and build a strong reputation you get repeat business and referrals.”

“We also post a lot of our current and completed projects on social media to build our presence there,” Orlando notes. And Craine Architecture use images with these posts, so potential clients can see the impact and aesthetic that the firm can create with its projects.

Ensuring quality and forward progress for every project

Thanks to its great client relationships, Craine Architecture is busy with multiple projects, despite current economic uncertainty. Orlando explains: “there are plenty of customers that are still interested in building, and although it takes a little longer to get projects off the ground, they’re still moving ahead.”

Orlando’s focus at Craine Architecture is to keep track of multiple projects at once, to make sure they’re progressing well, and document the process.

To create field reports for these projects, he historically had to upload site photos to a Word or Excel document, organize them and then import them into Word templates to create the report. Part of his job is to explore ways to boost project efficiency and ease, Orlando tried Deltek ArchiSnapper to see how it could simplify this process.

Creating field reports with speed and ease

Craine Architecture first used Deltek ArchiSnapper to generate monthly field reports for its U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development projects. With ArchiSnapper, team members can visit a site and take photographs and notes all in one place. Orlando says, “I found it really easy to set up a template and start using the product for documenting information during site inspections.” 

Using the Deltek ArchiSnapper app on site, Craine Architecture could easily and quickly create field reports. “I would say ArchiSnapper makes field reporting twice as fast—if not more,” Orlando adds.

The team continues to use ArchiSnapper to create monthly field reports on other projects. Orlando explains: “They give a good general understanding of construction and give you resources to use to look back on previous months to see what was going on then and if any corrective measures need to be made.”

“A lot of our field reports are about understanding where the contractor—and construction as a whole—is,” Orlando adds. “We can keep track of materials on site and call out any deficiencies easily.” Having this information means the firm can be even more transparent with clients, keeping them informed of the project progress and any changes that need to be made.

Three ways Deltek ArchiSnapper has transformed site documentation for Craine Architecture

Orlando and his team are already finding field reporting quicker and simpler with Deltek ArchiSnapper. He highlighted three main benefits:

  1. Accurate and easy documentation
    “It’s a good way to document your initial thoughts. I find it easy to write a quick note with a photo in the field with ArchiSnapper, and once I get back to the office, I can embellish my notes and really refine them.”
  2. Thorough follow-up
    “We make sure contractors are documenting where they are in the percentage completion of a project—and the materials they have stored on site. If any corrective measures are required, contractors can send you photos of the corrections they carry out.”
  3. Maintained efficiency
    “Once we’ve created a checklist template for a project, we can use it throughout the construction process. Instead of just taking photos and then trying to figure out where each one references, I can use the template to easily organize photos as I take them.”


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About Craine Architecture

Craine Architecture is a Denver-based architecture and design firm specializing in single-family residential, multifamily communities, hospitality and resort, mixed-use, and urban infill development.

We approach every project with a fresh perspective—using our experience and understanding of project requirements to address the needs of our client as well as the unique cultural, environmental, and historical surroundings of the site.

We work in a partnership with our clients—listening and responding to our clients every step of the way. From preliminary meetings and feasibility studies through the entire design and construction process—we never lose sight of the best interest of the client or the project.