How Deltek ComputerEase Helps Users Generate Leads and Convert Them into Happy Customers

October 21, 2022
Deltek ComputerEase

In today’s complicated and competitive environment, contractors must be highly tuned into their prospects’ and customers’ needs to generate more leads, win more jobs and keep them happy to retain them. However, for some Deltek ComputerEase customers, who are focusing on remaining profitable, it may seem tedious to find the time to drive leads or proactively communicate with customers.

For this reason, Customer Relationship Management (otherwise known as a CRM) is essential for your business’s success. According to Business News Daily, CRM software is “one of the fastest-growing industries, projected to grow at a rate of 14.27% from 2020 to 2027, driven by consumer demand for better customer service, automated engagement and more nuanced customer experiences.”

With a CRM, you can generate more leads, close more sales and create an environment of happy customers. And, because a project’s lifecycle can be drawn out over months or years, building and maintaining solid relationships is critical to preserving a healthy sales pipeline. When you keep your customers happy, you can keep projects flowing with repeat business.

Manage Prospect and Customer Relationships

Although you may not realize it, you may already be using a type of CRM in the form of an Excel spreadsheet to simply manage your customers. Perhaps when you first started your company, this is what you used to track customers through the sales process, and you did not know – or did not wish to take the time to research – a better way that could save you time.

By using the CRM module in your Deltek ComputerEase software, you can take charge of customer relationships with a modernized, robust database to organize and automate sales, marketing, customer service and support processes.

Top Benefits of Using the Deltek ComputerEase CRM

There are numerous benefits to taking advantage of this capability in your current software:

Win more business by generating leads, then managing and nurturing prospects from the first point of contact to bid acceptance.

Easily organize and manage customers & prospects by importing prospect detail as they convert to a customer. Make notes regarding their feedback so that you can proactively address any issues to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Streamline your sales operations by managing contracts, quotes and bids. Your lead processes can be simplified using Deltek ComputerEase. Even share performance reports to use real data to convey the state of your sales efforts.

You can save time, as the CRM is fully integrated within your Deltek ComputerEase software, so you no longer have double data entry. Additionally, once you secure a job, data will move from the CRM to the rest of the system, including points of contact and any relevant job information.

Automate Your Sales Pipeline with Deltek ComputerEase CRM

So, get rid of your Excel spreadsheet of contacts and throw away those business cards. By adding a fully-integrated CRM module within your current Deltek ComputerEase software you can easily track, manage and nurture your prospects from the first contact to when they accept your bid and beyond.

Designed specifically to generate more leads, sell more jobs and keep your customers happy, sign up for a demo today to learn more.