6 Ways Deltek ComputerEase In the Cloud Can Enable a Remote Work Environment

August 16, 2022
Benefits of a Remote Work Environment in Construction

Undoubtedly, we all remember the shock the world felt when the pandemic exploded. But, never would we have imagined planning for an environment that had to support an entire remote workforce overnight ─ especially in the construction industry ─ where onsite communications are vital to success.

While we experienced COVID-19 lockdowns and stay at home orders out an abundance of caution, these safety measures uncovered many construction company inefficiencies. For many whose Deltek ComputerEase software was on their company-issued computer, remote work was possible. But, the challenge was finding a way to access the information while out of the office.

Labor Shortages Impact Productivity But Remote Work Can Help

The construction industry has remained stable and even had a positive outlook during these past few years. However, if communication didn’t suffer already during the forced remote work environment during lockdowns, the labor shortages have now negatively impacted productivity and made it even harder for firms to scale.

In light of the current labor shortage many industries are experiencing, companies are turning to flexibility in the workplace - when possible. The ability to work remotely is an appealing benefit for many potential candidates and for retaining current employees. This shift has also shown to improve productivity with easier access to data and expediting effective decision making.

So, if your company is looking for a competitive edge, one way to achieve this is by maximizing your Deltek ComputerEase solution. By moving your data to the cloud, you too can support a remote work environment.

How the Cloud Helps Enable a Remote Environment

If you’re looking to connect your people, processes, and data across your organization and benefit from a remote environment, moving to the Deltek Cloud offers key benefits that could greatly benefit your business and projects.

  1. Improve Your Team’s Productivity – Connecting your most important business assets in the cloud means you can securely access any of your data from anywhere at any time, improving collaboration and productivity. This also provides the ability to use a central repository, which reduces errors because you can update your data from anywhere. Even accounts payable and receivable may be accessed whenever you need it. Utilizing ComputerEase in the Cloud gives your project managers the visibility they need – such as viewing invoices, change orders, contracts, and reporting – so they can adjust job plans in real-time.
  2. Align Your Teams - ComputerEase in the Cloud allows your team to communicate from any internet-enabled device because everyone accessing this real-time data can stay on the same page. You can also view the most up-to-date drawings, see project plans in real-time, and get accurate reporting.
  3. Make Better, Data-Driven Decisions – Analytics are critical tools to uncover opportunities for growth, but the data being analyzed needs to be accurate and up-to-date in order to provide key business insights. While ComputerEase offers you real-time data at your fingertips, you may be limited as to when and where you can access your data. Moving to the cloud means job details can be accessed anywhere, anytime by all employees, which means leaders can make better decisions backed by real-time data.
  4. Reduce IT Burden – Believe it or not, implementing this tool can actually reduce the load on your IT team, as there is no software to maintain. ComputerEase in the Cloud offers daily and nightly backups across multiple locations, retained for 30 days. Even your Deltek ComputerEase software will automatically update.
  5. No Downtime – Earthquakes, hurricanes, and lighting are possible disasters that can happen in the blink of an eye, preventing you from accessing your data. Flooding, fires, and tornadoes are also a real possibility. With ComputerEase in the Cloud, you also get automatic data backup and restoration if your technology goes down or is inaccessible. In order to determine your risk level, take this quiz.
  6. Improve Security and Data Storage – In a remote environment, you want to ensure your data is accessible but also secure. To make sure your data is always protected in the cloud, Deltek ComputerEase implements ongoing security best practices, including industry-leading security controls and continuous monitoring 24x7x365.

Benefits of ComputerEase in the Cloud

ComputerEase in the Cloud is a solution that can remove paper and manual processes to support field-to-office communication in a remote work environment. Employees can understand job data in real-time to make informed decisions, automate their accounting processes, and enjoy a range of other benefits, like managing purchase orders and subcontracts no matter where you’re working or what time you need it.

While the benefits are clear, we know change can feel daunting. The great news is that ComputerEase in the Cloud creates a more seamless remote work environment, rather than a more difficult environment to support.

Making the Change to the Cloud is Easier Than You Think

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of making the move to the cloud, don’t worry Deltek is here to partner with you to make it easier. For most customers, migrations are completed within just 1-2 business days.

In the Deltek Cloud, you’ll get regular enhancements through scheduled upgrades – and we take care of all of that for you. Now is the perfect time to embrace a remote environment and see what ComputerEase in the Cloud can offer your business, no matter your location.

Find out how easy it is to upgrade to Deltek ComputerEase in the Cloud by contacting our team today.


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