Unlock Your Business Potential With the Deltek Cloud – Safely, Securely & At Scale

February 08, 2022
Deltek Cloud

For years, businesses of all sizes had to deploy their software solutions on site, which required extensive hardware setup, storage and maintenance. But, the days of having to spend hours upon hours maintaining your solutions in your office are gone.

With the mandate for security, privacy and flexibility at an all-time high, the Deltek Cloud provides a worry-free environment that enables your teams to focus on strategy and growth, while remaining confident your project-based ERP solution will support you now and into the future.

Whether you are a small firm or an enterprise business, you can rely on our cloud solutions to deliver on the things that are critical to running your business ─ like security, compliance, accessibility, scalability, maintenance and support. But, most importantly, the Deltek Cloud helps you drive value for your businesses safely, securely and at scale.

Still not sure if a move to the cloud is right for you? Hear from these Deltek Project Nation customers on why they trust the Deltek Cloud to power their project success.


The Power of the Deltek Cloud 

Deltek Supports Small Business

Helping Small Businesses Maximize Their Solutions

INFINITY Conference Group, a women-owned small business, switched from QuickBooks® to Deltek Costpoint to support their government contracting goals and streamline their previous manual processes.

“In addition to all of the time savings we’ve experienced because of Costpoint itself, Deltek also helps provide us with a true peace of mind. We’re using the cloud-based system, so it’s very reassuring to know that all maintenance, patches, fixes, as well as tax table and regulatory updates, are all done by Deltek directly – we don’t have to worry about any of that.” – Amanda Curran, Director of Financial Operations and Analysis, INFINITY 

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Customer Story Infotrend

Providing Award-Winning Service and Support

Infotrend, a small minority-owned government contracting business, chose Deltek Costpoint to help scale their business, improve efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary resources.

"Moving your operations to the cloud offers a unique peace of mind. The ease of access and minimal maintenance of the Deltek Cloud has lessened the burden and helped us eliminate unnecessary resources.” – Gurpreet Singh, CEO  of Infotrend, Inc.

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Deltek Cloud BVH

Delivering Real-Time Data Anytime, Anywhere

BVH Architecture is a interior design and master planning firm that needed a streamlined approach to maintaining design data and construction documents, so they invested in Deltek’s cloud-based specification software powered by MasterSpec®.

 “Working remotely without a cloud-based system would be so inefficient — it would not be possible for me. Having all our programs we use on the cloud has made BVH’s remote working nearly seamless.” – Mike Daily, AIA, Sr. Technical Architect and Associate Principal, BVH Architecture

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Keeping Compliance Top of Mind For Contractors

Metamagnetics, a veteran-owned small business government contractor, implemented Deltek Costpoint in the cloud to grow its business and diversify its portfolio.

“We have found over the years that the cloud simplifies many of the day-to-day processes for a smaller company like ours, in terms of managing the infrastructure. Additionally, as Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification requirements progress, we wanted to have peace of mind knowing that our next solution had FedRAMP Moderate equivalent or higher authorization.” – Lee Burns, Director of Operations, Metamagnetics

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Deltek Cloud

Positioning Businesses to Scale & Grow

AMT, a civil engineering and landscape architecture firm, turned to the Deltek Cloud to create a safe and secure working environment for remote employees across the country.

 “By moving to the Deltek Cloud, we have been able to improve our processes to focus on innovative solutions for our clients. The transition to the cloud has been tremendously valuable for AMT. Our users are more engaged, they are expanding their use of the solution, and they believe in the power of Deltek.” – Pete Strawser, Director of Technology and Facilities, AMT

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Analysys Mason MVP 2020

Ensuring ERP Systems Are Up-To-Date

Analysys Mason Ltd., a global consultancy and research firm, selected Deltek Vantagepoint to ensure they had a single accessible system that contained all the information required to run their business.

“When upgrading to Deltek Vantagepoint, Analysys Mason wanted to minimize the number of customizations to make for an easily maintainable IT system. Moving to the cloud as part of this process would help ensure that internal IT resources could remain focused on business improvements versus day-to-day maintenance." 

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Innovative Customer Stories

See How Deltek Powers Project Success

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Make the Move to the Deltek Cloud

The Deltek Cloud is more than just another cloud platform. It’s your Deltek solution, serviced in a way that meets your business needs. Do not let outdated infrastructure or legacy software eat into your IT budget or deprive your project teams of necessary automation options. Let Deltek handle the technical maintenance and get your firm up and running on the latest infrastructure with a SaaS solution that can help power your project-based business now and into the future.