Why Small Businesses Choose Deltek's Industry-Leading Solutions

May 03, 2023
Why Small Businesses Choose Deltek

Deltek has been meeting the needs of project-based businesses and advancing the industry through innovative solutions since 1983. Our award-winning solutions enable project-based businesses of all sizes to successfully find, win and manage their projects - easily and efficiently.

Throughout last year, we spotlighted many customers and their achievements, including small businesses that streamlined processes, improved efficiencies and accelerated their growth. Here are just a few examples of how these government contractors and professional services firms have embraced Deltek's industry-specific products to help power their project success:


SMB Week

CAGE Engineering Improves Project Visibility with Deltek Vantagepoint

CAGE Engineering , a small engineering firm, turned to Deltek Vantagepoint to improve visibility so that they could see the cost of each project and determine profitability.

"Vantagepoint gives us more visibility to see the cost of each project and determine profitability, which is essential to running an engineering firm. Our team has more information available to them in real-time to make better, more informed decisions." Gina Brancher, Controller 

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SMB Week 2023

ME&A and GovWin IQ Help Move Government Agencies Toward Social Progress 

ME&A, a woman-owned small business, uses GovWin IQ to find new opportunities to guide governments towards social progress and economic development.

"Not only is the data in GovWin helpful to driving our business forward, but our customer success manager (CSM) is so responsive – every time we have a question, such as comparing one agency to another, she will always have an answer." – Loren Shulze, VP of Marketing and Business Development

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SMB Week

Kingdom Design Group Streamlines Specifications with Deltek Specpoint

Kingdom Design Group, a Colorado-based A&E firm, gained firm-wide efficiencies and improved their specification accuracy with Deltek Specpoint.

"With Specpoint, rather than wading through product listings on the internet, we can search and identify products with ease within the software." – John Graham, Principal Architect & Co-Founder 

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SMB Week

Broadway Ventures Supports Small Business Growth with Pro Bookkeepers  

As a small government contractor, Broadway Ventures leveraged Deltek-partner Redstone Government Consulting to implement Deltek Costpoint. Today, they rely on Deltek Pro Bookkeepers accounting services to get the most from their Costpoint solution.

"You need to find someone familiar with your project-based ERP system to either to advise you or to be your agent. For Broadway Ventures, working with Deltek Pro Bookkeepers is a beautiful arrangement."  Lynn Ryan, Project Manager

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SMB Week

Craine Architecture Ensures Quality Work with Deltek ArchiSnapper

Craine Architecture, a small firm that specializes in designing residential properties and communities, selected Deltek ArchiSnapper to manage its multiple projects and ensure quality, while building its reputation and strong client relationships.

"It’s a good way to document your initial thoughts. I find it easy to write a quick note with a photo in the field with ArchiSnapper, and once I get back to the office, I can embellish my notes and really refine them." – Orlando Rockwell, Project Manager

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SMB Week

Osterlund Architects Designs Small Business Success with Deltek Ajera

Osterlund Architects wanted to elevate the professionalism of their firm, so they selected a project-based accounting package, designed specifically for the A&E industry. 

"It was time to grow up from QuickBooks and BQE. We needed to improve our business management and closely track billable time."  Andrew Osterlund, Principal

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