Costpoint Shop Floor Time: An Integrated Time Tracking and Labor Management Solution for Manufacturers

May 05, 2023
Padma Raghunathan
Padma Raghunathan
Product Marketing Manager
Improve Project Efficiency with Costpoint Shop Floor Time

A manufacturing floor is a data and labor intense environment and optimizing resources and increasing productivity is always on top of the minds of shop floor managers and supervisors. By accurately capturing employee time charges, manufacturers can ensure better efficiencies on the shop floor and provide businesses true costs charged to manufacturing orders and projects.

Costpoint Shop Floor Time is an integrated time tracking, attendance and labor management solution designed specifically for manufacturers and companies who need to comply with U.S. Government contract regulations and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) audit requirements. As an integral part of Deltek’s Costpoint solution, Shop Floor Time provides government contractors who are manufacturers a comprehensive system that meets their complex requirements.

Maximize Productivity with Shop Floor Time

  • Ease of Use: Shop Floor Time can support physical time clocks (InTouch Terminals) and web time clocks (HTML5 Time Clock) which supports online and offline data collection. Users have flexibility to run this on desktops, Apple and PC machines, iOS and Android mobile devices, handheld tablets; basically, this will run on anything that has a good HTML5 browser. This tool can also be used using biometric hardware such as barcode and fingerprint scanners.
  • Integration: Shop Floor Time can be integrated with Deltek Costpoint because the transaction between the two, i.e., Costpoint provides primary data to Shop Floor Time, which then collects the relevant shop floor data and communicates it back to Costpoint, creating a timesheet that is needed for labor and payroll purposes. This is a seamless integration and cuts down on any manual work needed to manage time and labor.
  • Compliance: Shop Floor Time is useful for government contractors and manufacturers where DCAA rules and stringent laws like the California Meal and Break Law 2022 need to be complied with. By moving away from the honor/generic time keeping systems, customers can easily meet government and union compliance regulations. With different scheduling options, Shop Floor Time gives businesses the flexibility to identify specific schedules for employees accordingly and still be compliant.

    Shop Floor Time has the capability to seamlessly integrate with Costpoint's primary accounting functions to ensure the accuracy of data. It also has features such as comprehensive audit trails that help identify who made updates and when, support for previous period adjustments, and customizable labor rules and policies. It assigns different levels of security to employees and supervisors, has built-in system reports, and allows for ad hoc reporting, and can track both compensated and uncompensated labor to help automate total time accounting calculations.

Labor Tracking

Near real-time labor capture on the shop floor with automatic error detection is made possible with Shop Floor Time. This feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and provides a more accurate view of labor costs and productivity.

The labor tracking features of Costpoint Shop Floor Time include:

  • Validating labor events in real-time with comprehensive charge filtration capabilities to help eliminate cross charging.
  • Tracking of direct and indirect labor charges
  • Maintaining a full audit trail for all time reporting and timecard edits
  • Charging direct labor to a wide range of cost drivers
  • Aligning indirect labor to account numbers or cost centers
  • Capturing operation steps, activities, tasks, etc. supported by customer-defined charge details.
  • Tracking simultaneous charges through batch or multiple job processing
  • Managing employee assignments to another pay class, department, schedule group, etc.

Costpoint Shop Floor Time also features a supervisor dashboard that optimizes the labor review process and improves productivity. This dashboard provides supervisors with an easy-to-use interface for monitoring current activities and tracking transactions in high precision, up to hundredths of hours (0.01 hours, or 36 seconds).

Organizations such as consulting firms, distributors, resellers, warehouse management companies and government contractors who are not manufacturers but want a system that allows their employees to card in and card out for different projects, track hours to the 100th of hours and want detailed labor tracking can effectively deploy Shop Floor Time which supports time collection via mobile devices at a project level. Tying labor hours back to specific project and/or product objectives enables a more layered view of resource allocation to assess productivity and efficiency for such organizations.

In summary, Costpoint Shop Floor Time is a powerful solution for manufacturers and companies that need to connect time spent to projects who must meet the stringent U.S. Government requirements. Its comprehensive features ensure compliance, accuracy, and efficiency in labor tracking, and its seamless integration with Deltek Costpoint's core accounting functions provides a single system of record for time, labor, and cost data.

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If you are a government contractor who is a manufacturer or a non-manufacturing firm supporting government missions and are seeking tools to track time and labor for projects, you can access additional Deltek resources to learn more.

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