Deltek Costpoint Continues to Bolster Mobile Capability to Support the Needs of the Government Contracting Market

January 14, 2021

Better supporting and enabling a remote work force became the name of the game as the world navigated the waters of COVID-19 in 2020. Government contractors evolved alongside most industries during that time, shifting priorities and investments to provide a safe working environment that promoted mobility and collaboration for employees. And, as the mobile workforce expanded, so did the expectations of mobile capability. Being an established solution provider, Deltek has always put our customers first, providing mobile solutions pre-COVID, and continues to grow available options with innovative, easy to use offerings that meet shifting demands and the complex compliance needs of the industry.

Deltek’s mobile track record is lengthy, having introduced the first mobile time collection for Blackberry® devices in 2009. Since then, the mobile landscape has evolved rapidly alongside device technology, and Costpoint has kept pace with the changes. Costpoint launched its first HTML 5-based mobile responsive design in 2013, allowing the application to be accessible via the web browser on a mobile device. While in 2014, Deltek introduced a native time and expense application for Apple® iOS and Android devices. More recently, Deltek added progressive web application (PWA) capability to the mobile responsive design, allowing end users to install Costpoint as a progressive web app on their mobile device without needing to deploy and manage native applications from an app store. With the latest release of Costpoint 8, Deltek now has Mobile CRM (Customer Resource Management) capabilities that leverages PWA design principals, allowing contractors to keep current with customer information and service.

Mobile Time & Expense

Costpoint’s Time & Expense applications are the most frequently used, and for a large portion of users, the only applications they access, so Deltek understands the importance of connection in varying scenarios and locations. By combining both time and expense into an easy to access and use mobile platform, daily timesheets and/or expense reports can quickly be entered without the necessity of a computer.

Deltek recognizes that project-based businesses have varying mobile needs, which is why we support them by offering multiple options for accessing time and expense data from anywhere, anytime, from any device. Costpoint offers the option of connecting to Time & Expense from our popular native mobile application or through a mobile device browser to our PWA application. By providing options, government contractors can choose the platform that works best for their business. Regardless of which access point a user chooses, Deltek will continue to develop innovative features on both platforms for the foreseeable future to continue to allow mobile connection options.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Native Mobile Time & Expense

Progressive Web Apps as mentioned above is the newest mobile access platform and is the future of mobile applications. Deltek’s investment in this technology is growing and provides access to more in Costpoint than just Time & Expense. By leveraging Costpoint’s PWA capability, users can access the home dashboard, contracts, opportunities, projects, financial information and reports. This ongoing investment in PWA will allow Deltek to optimize all our applications for mobile devices. Administrators can rest easy with the industry-leading secure authentication of Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) for authentication using biometrics.

Last year, Deltek Costpoint launched its latest native application for Time & Expense for Apple iOS and Android devices, providing a focused, user-friendly experience for entering, approving and reviewing timesheets and expense reports. Capturing expenses on the go is now a breeze with Costpoint’s receipt capture with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and authentication is quick and easy with the device centric biometric login option.

Supporting Deltek Project Nation

Deltek continues to lead the industry with products that leverage innovative technologies to meet and exceed the mobile workforce needs. Costpoint users will soon have new mobile features like offline time entry, voice interactive time entry, mobile leave request and approval and much more. See it yourself as Deltek’s experts walk through all things mobile during Costpoint’s Intelligent Time and Expense, available anytime on demand.