Maximize Your Deltek Ajera Knowledge through Learning and Networking

September 11, 2023
Linda Dininger
Linda Dininger
Product Marketing Manager
Maximize Your Deltek Ajera Knowledge through Learning and Networking

Even with thousands of companies, Deltek Ajera users form a tight-knit community with a yearning to learn how to use the solution better to reduce administrative burden, increase project profitability and significantly reduce billing time—all while improving client satisfaction. Maximizing their use of Ajera involves learning not only from the Deltek experts, but also from each other — sharing best practices, uncovering new ways of doing things and collaborating on new ideas.

There are two annual events that bring together Ajera users to learn, grow and network: Deltek ProjectCon and the Ajera Users Association (AUA) Annual Conference. Each event is designed to meet the very specific needs of the Ajera community. Here are a few of the highlights of these key events for Ajera users.

Deltek ProjectCon

Thousands of Deltek users – also known as Deltek Project Nation – join together at Deltek ProjectCon for three days of learning, networking and fun. This conference provides Deltek Ajera users the opportunity to gain insight into the upcoming roadmap, learn how Deltek is committed to the future of your business, explore tips and tricks to help maximize your use of Ajera and network with other users.

Enhance Your Product Knowledge

The number one reason people attend Deltek ProjectCon year after year is for the product sessions. There are two sub-tracks for Deltek Ajera users focused on your different roles to help you access the right content for your area of business: project management and financial management. Sessions are presented by the Ajera product team, engineering, consulting and users just like you.

Discover How Deltek is Committed to Your Success

Beyond Ajera-specific content, you can learn how Deltek is committed to your overall business success with sessions focused on how Deltek can help invigorate and protect your business. Learn how to leverage Deltek training offerings, strategies and tips for maximizing software benefits and much more.


“Attending Deltek ProjectCon every year provides me with invaluable face-to-face interactions with Deltek personnel. From engaging in sessions and hallway conversations to scheduling ‘Meet the Experts’ appointments, I have the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the software's features and their practical applications.”

– Todd Adams, Project Success Manager, Franson Civil Engineers


Engage with the Deltek Team

There are ample opportunities to engage with the Deltek team throughout the conference. Representatives of the Ajera product, consulting and customer care teams will be onsite to answer your questions. Connect with them during one-on-one Meet the Expert appointments, at the XPO or in the hallway.

Provide Feedback on Future Ajera Features

Participate in our UX Lab to get a sneak peek and provide feedback on future Ajera concepts. Our User Experience team’s goal is not to have users adapt how they work to our solutions but rather to deliver solutions that work the way you do. So we want your input!

Participate in Pre-Conference Workshops

Take advantage of in-depth, expert-led training on Deltek Ajera during a three-hour Pre-Conference Workshop led by our Deltek University experts. This opportunity includes hands-on learning using sandbox environments, insight into advanced functionality to maximize your use of Ajera and engagement with Deltek product experts to get your questions answered.

Explore Complementary Deltek Solutions

Explore Deltek’s full suite of products designed to help power your project success. If your firm is looking for ways to better manage project information (Deltek PIM), to write project specifications more efficiently (Deltek Specpoint) or to recruit and retain talent (Deltek Talent Management), Deltek has solutions to help! You can learn more by attending a product session or by asking the experts to provide a demo at the XPO Hall.

Network with Ajera Users

There are plenty of networking opportunities with like-minded Ajera users. Leverage onsite Deltek Project Nation Braindates, visit the XPO, join AUA members over breakfast, interact with Ajera users at sit-down meals and have fun with all of Deltek Project Nation at the customer appreciation event.


Join us at Deltek ProjectCon

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Ajera Users Association Conference

The Ajera Users Association (AUA) is an independent user group for learning and supporting organizations using Deltek Ajera. The AUA – founded by users and for users – is dedicated to advancing the community’s proficiency in Ajera so that users can best use the system for their company’s needs.

AUA members get access to the Annual User Conference, which features hands-on training, user-to-user networking and presentations by Deltek experts and Ajera users who are in the trenches daily just like you. With an average attendance of 150 Ajera users, this conference provides an intimate setting to support a deeper level of connection.

Hands-On Training for All Experience Levels

The hands-on classes are taught in a lab setting where each attendee has access to a laptop pre-loaded with an Ajera sample database so that users can follow along with the instructor. There are five sub-tracks of classes, spanning across all experience levels to enhance and improve your Ajera experience, even if you have been using the solution for years.


“The AUA conference is a one-of-a-kind experience. I have attended for 2 years and have learned more in those 2 years than I have in my entire 12-year Ajera career combined. Nothing beats the hands-on learning at every level not only for accounting staff, but also for PMs and executives alike! This type of learning has allowed me to fully understand the intricacies of Ajera and bring that knowledge back to Landmark. Additionally, I have developed a network of resources that I turn to and they are always eager to help. Thank you, AUA!”

– Helen Apostolico, Principal and CFO, Landmark Science & Engineering


Get Questions Answered by Expert Users

Get specific answers to your questions through Meet-the-Expert sessions, where you can schedule individual times with Ajera power users to talk one-on-one about issues that you may be facing.

Engage with the Deltek Team

Representatives of the Ajera team are onsite to answer your questions. You can visit the Deltek booth or chat with team members throughout the week.

Network with Industry Peers

To ensure that there are ample networking opportunities, the AUA hosts a welcome reception at the start of the conference, provides meals throughout the event and a mid-week dinner outing.

The affordable AUA membership provides access to not only the AUA User Conference but also user-to-user forums, members-only file sharing for inquiries and widgets, free members-only educational webinars and more.

Invest in Your Ajera Expertise

As you can see, Deltek ProjectCon and the AUA Conference are both great opportunities to improve your knowledge of Deltek Ajera, network with other users and walk away empowered to perform your jobs more efficiently. We look forward to seeing you at the next Deltek Ajera event!


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