SSOE Enhances Team Productivity with Deltek Specpoint, Home of AIA MasterSpec®

September 21, 2023

Deltek recently spoke with Lisa Lewis, Project Management Assistant for SSOE, an internationally ranked architecture and engineering firm known for providing innovative, quality project solutions. The firm uses Deltek Specpoint to create detailed project specifications more efficiently and accurately.

What is your role at SSOE?

I work as a Project Management Assistant within the construction administration and design teams and I am a super user of software. I develop and lead software training sessions, answer end-user questions, and give input into software enhancements. I train and answer questions on specification software for over 100 architects and engineers. This team creates and publishes their specifications, relying on tools that make their work easier and more efficient. The insights I’ve gained from my construction background are essential to understanding division codes, specification sections, drawings, Requests for Information (RFIs), and submittals. This foundation helps me grasp the intricacies of specifications so I can better meet the needs of our architects and engineers.

What specification challenges were you looking to address?

We were facing two primary challenges with specifications. The initial challenge involved our architects and engineers needing easy-to-use software that simplifies their work, allowing them to focus on creating accurate specifications without being overwhelmed by technical complexities. The second challenge was the need for the software to incorporate AIA MasterSpec® to ensure specifications align with industry standards, current codes, regulations, and best practices, reducing the risk of liability.

In addition, staff across our 15 U.S. offices utilize a wide variety of software solutions. As a result, our Information Technology (IT) team deemed it necessary to consolidate our specification software into a single platform, ensuring consistency across all our offices.

Upon evaluating Deltek Specpoint, we discovered it is the only software solution that is both user-friendly and includes AIA MasterSpec®. Other specification software applications couldn’t provide this combination. Currently, we are rolling out Deltek Specpoint exclusively.

What Deltek Specpoint features do you like the most?

In the past, the team would export the specification document, print it, and make changes manually. Creating project documents was a time-consuming process that led to specification errors. With Deltek Specpoint, our specifiers can preview and make real-time changes directly within the software. It provides a step-by-step guide helping them to adhere to industry standards and codes while creating accurate specifications.

These features make their work more efficient, lower the chances of mistakes, and ensure the specifications match the drawings. With AIA MasterSpec integrated into the software, Deltek Specpoint streamlines the specification development process, provides up-to-date industry compliance, and is a comprehensive resource for project-specific requirements.

The track changes feature in Deltek Specpoint highlights the changed text and records details including the date and time and who made each change. The software also provides the ability to delegate tasks to specific individuals, helping to develop specifications more efficiently.

Deltek Specpoint is also very flexible. For example, you can use CSI MasterFormat, with divisions, sections, and subsections to organize the project information. If you're used to CSI, you can use that approach in developing specifications. Or you can use the UniFormat assembly-based method which is based on a comprehensive framework for organizing building information. It's nice to have the choice between the two approaches to simplify the specification process.

How did you train end-users on Deltek Specpoint?

I created training materials based on Deltek’s instructional videos and resources. I tailored these videos for our team, which cover all aspects of using the software effectively, with step-by-step guidance on Deltek Specpoint’s features and functionalities. Accompanying the videos is a cheat sheet summarizing key points and providing a quick reference guide for users to reinforce their learning and navigate the software more confidently.

The learning tools are accessible to users through our internal SharePoint site. This resource provides helpful information, such as the MasterSpec Table of Contents, and serves as a central hub for learning materials. Users can access these tools at any time, allowing them to increase their knowledge and proficiency with the software as needed.

Do you have any additional thoughts you would like to share?

An additional advantage of working with Deltek Specpoint is that I can provide input on software enhancements through the Deltek Idea Portal. This direct access to the Specpoint Product Management team allows me to voice our requirements and preferences, ensuring the software development continues to align with our needs.

Deltek’s expertise in software development, architecture, and engineering is beneficial. The software is intuitive and incorporates AIA MasterSpec, which no one else in the market offers. It also aligns with industry standards and addresses the unique challenges involved in developing specifications.


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