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Deltek experts and industry thought leaders share their views on the latest trends, technology and issues shaping project-based businesses today.

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Collaboration Blog

Bringing Teams Together to Deliver Better Projects

Whether collaborating internally or externally, being able to work together more efficiently, can help solve problems more quickly and deliver better projects. Learn how Deltek's software solutions can help improve productivity, coordination and project delivery.

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Purposeful Innovation Deltek

Reimagining Project Success through Purposeful Innovation

Deltek is always exploring new ways to innovate within our products to create value for our customers. Learn how we are incorporating purposeful innovation into our project-based solutions in this roundup of blogs from our industry experts.

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Deltek Project Nation

Celebrating Milestone Moments with Deltek Project Nation

Our amazing customers make up a community of like-minded project-focused professionals that we call Deltek Project Nation. See how we celebrate some of the great ways this community comes together to power their success.

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International Womens Day 2020 Team Deltek

Talking Diversity and Inclusion with Team Deltek's Lisa Roberts

We believe that creating the right environment for our employees means empowering them to learn, grow and be their authentic selves. We spoke with Lisa Roberts, Deltek’s Diversity & Inclusion Lead, to learn more about what goes into creating an inclusive workplace culture, as well as Deltek’s recent celebration of International Women’s Day.

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Continuous Performance Management Feb 2020

Why a Continuous Performance Management Process is Critical to Today’s Modern Workforce

In today's modern workforce it is imperative to keep employees engaged and positioned for career growth. One way to do that is by evolving your Performance Management process. Get to know how Continuous Performance Management can help address these needs and position your workforce for success.

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Engineering Week 2020 _Technology and Innovation In Engineering Firms

How Technology and Innovation are Changing the Engineering World

Many firms are prioritizing technology as a strategic initiative to help differentiate them in today’s competitive market. Learn more about how modern engineering firms are embracing technology innovation to improve project delivery as we celebrate Engineering Week 2020.

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Tips for Growing Your Business with a Benchmarking Practice

Hindsight Is 2020: Tips for Growing Your Business with a Benchmarking Practice

The best-run organizations in the world rely on benchmarking – to compete, and stay a front-runner for the long term. Learn more about the process of establishing a benchmarking practice from Natasha Engan, Deltek's SVP of Global Consulting and how to use the latest SPI Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report for your own success.

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Deltek ComputerEase

Deltek + ComputerEase: The Complete Solution for Construction Companies

In August of last year, Deltek announced it had acquired ComputerEase. Today Deltek + ComputerEase provides a robust portfolio for construction companies, quickly becoming the industry standard for financial, project, and field management software. Learn more about what John Meibers and team have been up to since becoming one unified solution.

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Mike Corkery Decade of Leadership 2020

A Decade of Leadership at Deltek

Mike Corkery, Deltek’s President and CEO, often refers to himself as a husband, proud dad and recovering CFO. Now, as he celebrates his 10-year anniversary at Deltek, we asked Mike about his professional leadership and personal journey and about his favorite moments being at the helm. #DecadeOfLeadership

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Dr Davis 2020 Winning Workplace Culture

Why a Winning Workplace Culture Should Be One Of Your Top Goals for 2020 & Beyond

A winning workplace culture starts at the top – beginning with an engaging leadership team, focused on common goals that support your company’s values, resulting in an environment your employees can thrive in. Learn from Dr. Shirley Davis, author and leadership expert, who sat down with #TeamDeltek to discuss culture and what leaders can do to foster it.

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