How GovWin IQ Beats for Finding Federal Contracting Opportunities

February 27, 2020

Companies that do business with the federal government, whether they are a small business or enterprise company, and whether they sell information technology products, provide consulting services or something completely different, often have many of the same needs and share many of the same pain points. For example, how many times have you placed a bid on an opportunity or responded to a Request for Proposal (RFP), only to find that another firm seemed to already have the inside track on winning? How often have you said, “I wish I knew about that opportunity earlier?” Or maybe, “I wish that government website wasn’t so hard to use?”

If you’re a business development representative at one of the many companies that relies on sourcing federal contracting opportunities from government websites like (previously, which succeeded the Federal Business Opportunities website, also known as FedBizOpps), these might be questions you ask yourself on a regular basis. While government websites can be sources to find information on the basic elements of government contracting, like bids and RFPs, companies succeeding at selling to the government are taking proactive steps to go beyond the basics to find all of the information they need – and find it much earlier.

Subscribers to Deltek’s GovWin IQ platform of forward-looking government contracting intelligence get more than just the basics, and when it comes to finding federal contracting opportunities, they are learning that GovWin IQ beats every time.


“ GovWin IQ provides critical, accurate and timely information that is vital for our company’s success. ”

Hank Chase, CEO, Integrity Consulting Engineering & Security Solutions (ICESS)

Four Things Federal Contracting Firms Need

So what do you need to go beyond the basics? Here are a few things that are available to subscribers to GovWin IQ’s federal market intelligence that can help vendors in finding federal contracting opportunities, and putting themselves in the best possible position to compete for and win business from the government.

  • Early Opportunity Notification. Find out about opportunities up to 36 months before solicitations are released publicly. GovWin IQ provides early visibility into federal government opportunities, with 75% of our federal opportunities identified before they are published on information sources like
  • Support from Researchers. Get the information and resources you need to jump start your capture plan. Our team of expert research analysts are always ready to answer your questions about opportunities, agencies or companies that can be researched on your behalf.
  • Access to Teaming Partners. Connect with over 6,000 qualified government contractors that are part of the exclusive GovWin IQ Teaming Partner Network to develop and enhance your pursuit of upcoming opportunities 6-12 months before they go public – and increase your chance of winning.
  • Search That Works. Our opportunity search functionality delivers relevant, upcoming opportunities that truly match your team’s capabilities so that you’re not wasting your time scouring hundreds of opportunities to find the ones that are perfect for your team.

When federal contracting firms are able to use effective searches to find the government opportunities that best fit their needs and core capabilities well in advance, access expert research to become more informed, and connect with teaming partners to boost their proposals, they put themselves in the best possible position to win more federal contracting opportunities.

GovWin IQ Beats Every Time

Companies that subscribe to the GovWin IQ platform are able to access so much more than the basic contracting information available on government websites like Below is an example of just some of the pre-RFP opportunity details that are available to our subscribers.

Our clients know that they can always count on GovWin IQ to provide them with the information related to government spending and contracting that they need. Last year, when the federal government transitioned from primarily using the Federal Business Opportunities website to the newer portal, GovWin IQ continued to deliver timely, comprehensive information about federal contracting opportunities. Our clients didn’t miss out on any of the research, analysis or opportunities that fuel their government business development strategies.

Interested in joining them? You can learn more about GovWin IQ by clicking the link below and requesting your free trial of our market intelligence platform.