Three Things Government Contractors Can do to Navigate the Administration Transition

Posted by Deltek on January 20, 2021

2021 Administration Transition Blog

Starting today, the Biden Administration transition will usher in a new agenda, new leadership and new policies that are sure to impact the landscape for federal government contractors in many ways.

With a new administration comes new policies and new ways of doing business, which can lead to more potential revenue for growth-minded companies pursuing opportunities with the government. Firms who are serious about proactively growing their business in the federal space must understand the potential environmental changes in order to compete effectively. 

To assist government contractors in navigating this sea of change, Deltek has developed tools and resources to help make the administration transition as straightforward as possible. Here are three things to help guide your government contracting firm now and for the next four years:


#1 Understand Business Impacts Related to the New Administration

Government contractors can better understand business impacts related to the Biden Administration by accessing GovWin's latest research and resources in the new Administration Transition Resource Hub. This one-stop-shop, available to the public, is designed to provide news, updates and thought leadership for contracting at all levels of government.

From the Resource Hub you can download the Impact of the 2020-2021 Administration Transition report that highlights the potential impacts on federal contracting with timely analysis on the new administration's priorities, transition environment and processes.

For additional insight, you can join Director of Federal Market Analysis, Deniece Peterson, in this timely 2021 Administration Transition: Impacts and Implications for Government Contractors webinar where she will review the latest developments regarding the presidential transition and need-to-know impacts and implications for the contracting community.


2021 Administration Transition Resource Hub

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#2 Familiarize Yourself with New Policy Changes

The Biden Administration’s near-term priorities will address a wide variety of policy changes that require immediate attention, including the government’s ongoing COVID-19 response, economic recovery, national security, immigration and climate change. With such a wide variety of areas likely to see significant change in priorities and spending habits, proactive businesses would be wise to keep up to date with all of the changes occurring in the government contracting market.

To better manage these changes, read Deltek’s latest GovWin blog that includes tips on how to navigate the 2021 administration transition and fuel business development growth.


Tips for Government Contractors to Navigate the 2021 Administration Transition

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#3 Adjust Business Priorities to Align with New Demands

With the new presidential administration comes a new federal budget and spending priorities. More often than not, this is accompanied by a new set of opportunities and challenges for government contractors.

Many government firms see the time post-inauguration as a window of opportunity for internal evaluation, using the time to review current solutions, value propositions and sales strategies. Given that the full influence of a new president-elect may not be felt for up to 24 months into a term, program adjustments can be made on current contracts to align with the new priorities, methodologies and metrics provided by the new administration. 

Check out this new Deltek Government Contracting blog to learn what parts of your business you should consider adjusting to meet these new demands.


New Presidential Administration Potential Investments and Government Contractor Impact

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